$1M challenge to scientists and other enthusiasts.

If you can find something, living or not, that exists as a single entity, you will win $1M from Vast Self Public Charity

If you can find something, living or not, that exists as a single entity, you will win $1M.

If you can find something, living or not, and demonstrate with science and logic that it exists as a single entity, you’ll win $1M.

MOUNT SHASTA, CA, USA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you can find something, living or not, and demonstrate with science and logic that it exists as a single entity, you’ll win $1M.

The challenge is pretty straightforward. We want you to demonstrate with science and common sense that what you believe and experience with your senses as a single entity is, in fact, a single entity. By single entity, we mean single in number; it must exist as one (in number) thing, can not be made of parts, or be dependent on halves. One means one (like the number 1), what has parts in not single, what is made of halves is not single. We are not interested in philosophical conceptualizations but tangible scientific evidence supported by common sense.

Let’s first agree on how most humans believe everything exists. That belief is shaped by what our human senses tell us. The human senses tell us that I am the subject (the experiencer, the observer), and everything else is the object (the experienced, the observed). They tell us that I am a single entity, and the objects of my experience are many, where each is a single entity. We often refer to this relationship as I and the World. Would you agree that this is an accurate description of what our senses tell us? If so, please continue reading.
All human understanding of the World and ourselves, science-based or not, hinges on the assumption that the observer and the observed (the subject and the object) are two entities (2, two). Our senses tell us so, correct? The subject is one entity researching an object, which is another entity (a second entity). Therefore, I, the subject, and the object are two entities (2, two). Is this how you experience the World and yourself?

Our research suggests that almost all people share this type of experience, but can you prove its validity with science and common sense. We challenge you to validate your experience by demonstrating that a subject is one single entity, and an object is the second single entity. If you can do this, you will win $1M.

Lynda Hardy, a spokesperson for Vast Self, said: ” We present this challenge to everybody because the outcome of this simple investigation is extraordinary. Our research suggests that nothing in the Universe exists as a singular entity (1, one) the way our senses tell us. If our school system and/or culture paid attention to our senses’ deceptive nature, we would have lived in a truly utopian society where conflict and suffering were inconceivable. Our ignorance of how our senses deceive us is the only reason the World is the way it is today. Not having a clue about our senses’ deceptive nature, all the problem-solving methods are automatically flawed and will never mend the infinite number of problems and suffering it can create. There is no better time than today to bring attention to the simple fact that “subject” and “object” are only words (labels) projected onto entities that are not two entities. Therefore, each entity should not be counted and treated as a single thing; that is not logical and contradictory to how things exist. Since nothings in the World is singular, including humans, one exists as all, and all exist as the one. This realization is the most powerful antidote to all human-made problems and sufferings, and it is free. If you think everyone should discover this for themselves, please help us produce more free videos and apps that demonstrate this fact.”

Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) public charity #83-1669166 dedicated to showing the world that everlasting peace and happiness is indeed possible and easy to achieve. A new first-rate problem-solving method exists that can reveal and remove the key to all human-made conflicts and sufferings, making any future disputes inconceivable. This solution also guarantees not to interference with people’s race, status, religion, philosophy, finances, politics, etc. The resolution to all our worldly struggles lies in understanding that our senses have not shown us how everyone actually exists. Throughout history, such ignorance has been the only obstacle to worldwide peace, compassion, unity, and happiness. But together, we can permanently reverse this.

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