5 Reasons Why Window Decal Marketing is on the Rise Again in 2021

Although most business owners are constantly looking for the “next best” advertising technique, 2020 and 2021 were different. Two years of struggling with the pandemic meant that many businesses had to shut down or temporarily halt their marketing operations.

That’s why cost-conscious marketing teams turned to old-school, traditional marketing tools like custom window decalsand window clings. Made of durable vinyl, these low-cost decals are now available with many customization options. With a bit of creativity, small-scale businesses can create customized window decorations at huge discounts.

Here are five other reasons why window decalmarketing is on the rise again in 2021 –

  1. The Need to Cut Advertising Costs

The main reason small business owners love using custom decals is that they can be installed/uninstalled repeatedly. These decals cost very little and can be constantly reused for long periods. In an economy where 92% of small business owners are struggling financially, using cost-efficient marketing tools is vital.

It doesn’t get more cost-effective than window decals. If you’ve slashed your advertising/marketing budget, use these attractive promotional tools before your customers migrate toward competitors. Use these decals to create a strong brand presence in your local communities.

  • Versatility

Today, custom window decals are used in all types of offices and at all kinds of events.

  • It’s very common to see corporate office windows covered with customized decals featuring company logos, brand messages, etc.
  • Customized decals are the go-to marketing solution at fundraisers, product demonstration ceremonies, and other promotional events.
  • High-quality vinyl decals are reusable. Companies can use them for specific events, store them, and reuse them again. Technically, business owners only need to own one set of high-quality window decals. They can keep reusing them for different occasions.

A reputable decal printing company can custom-print hundreds of decals in a month. Many small and big-scale companies are currently leveraging the versatile designs of these customizable decals.

  • Weather-Resistant

Vinyl window decals are designed for outdoor use. The material is super resistant to sun damage, rainfall, cold, etc. The average lifespan of window decals is three years.

  • Easy Installation

Since window decals are so easy to install, business owners don’t need to hire professional teams to install them. Smart marketers can even customize the designs of their decals. Upload the artworks of your brand logo, core design elements, etc. The company that manufactures the custom vinyl decals will do the rest.

  • Vibrant Colors Give Local Businesses Added Brand Presence

Thanks to advancements in decal printing technology, top decal printing companies now use advanced color processes while printing large batches. These nuanced printing processes ensure that the decals’ designs look precise, well-defined, and highly dynamic. Designers can add flashy and eye-catching colors to decals installed on the outside of the store or establishment. Most passers-by are guaranteed to notice the bright decals.

Final Take If you haven’t already, order custom vinyl decals that are designed specifically for your brand. The better your custom design, the more your decals will stand out from the rest of the stores around you.

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