7 Toro Golf Course Equipment That No Golf Facility Can Do Without

Imagine an immaculate turf of manicured green grass. We all want that for our facility, don’t we? However, maintaining a course through unforgiving seasons can be a daunting task, especially in the absence of the right toro golf course equipment

With an array of technology commonplace, it’s essential to have a set of tools and equipment to manage your course. So if you plan on extending an impeccable turf, here’s a rundown at different types of golf course maintenance equipment to help you keep the course in top performance 24*7. 

Toro golf course mowers

Toro golf course mowers are the basic items on the checklist of course maintenance equipment. Although mowing comprises almost more than half of golf course maintenance, you need not just one, but it’s important to have different types of golf course mowers to manage a course.   

Here’s a list of mowers and mowing equipment that you need at your disposal: 

  • Fairway Mowers
  • Collar Mowers
  • Tee Mowers 
  • Rough Mowers 
  • Golf Green Mowers 
  • Triplex Mowers 

Following the United States Golf Association, an average of 8-10 walking green mowers are a must for an 18-hole facility. However, which mower is right for your facility is dependent on the type of grass, location, usage, and more.

Hydraulic Lifter 

Imagine your triplex mower ceases to work, and it doesn’t move at all. Instead, a hydraulic lifter lifts and moves your faulty mowers and other machines. Not only do these equipment lifters help you in the field, but off the field too. For instance, you can use it in the garage to raise and lower equipment. 

Therefore, a hydraulic lifter is one of the essential golf maintenance tools in every course superintendent’s “must-haves” list. 

Green Rollers 

Often incorporated in different combinations with mowing machinery, the green rollers accentuate the quality of the turf. Green rollers increase the speed at which the golf ball moves within the turf. In addition, it decreases dry spots, allowing an uncomplicated motion of moisture within the turf. The smooth surface encourages seedbed growth and ceases the growth of algae. 

Handheld Backpack Blower 

If not removed from the course, Leaves can become substantially unsafe for staff, visitors, and the maintenance equipment within the facility. Blowers let you remove debris, grass cuttings without manual picking. 

Handheld backpack blowers help you remove debris or grass cuttings in a specific area in real-time. 

Aeration Equipment

Appropriate aeration of turf allows movement of moisture and air in the surface, resulting in a smooth and firm turf. Aeration machinery comes in different sizes and forms, aligning with the separation lines. 

Electric aeration equipment provides flawless tine spacing, optimum aeration depth, and greens on collars over the surface. 

Hoses and Nozzles 

Hoses and nozzles make up for a great deal of golf course maintenance equipment. Different hoses and nozzles ensure grass and soil moisture with optimum water and irrigation. Even if you own a proper sprinkler system installed within the facility, you still need nozzles and hoses for water’s strategic and timely distribution. 

Hole Cutters 

A hole cutter is a DIY tool that allows you to cut a hole yourself. While you may not need multiple hole cutters, different types of hole cutters are available to choose from. In addition, there are heavy-duty hole cutters that are advanced that are more advanced and let you cut holes of various lengths and diameters. Having 2-4 different types of hole cutters will help you streamline your maintenance work substantially. 

Wrapping Up 

Now that you know what you need to add to your golf maintenance checklist, it is important to maintain the equipment and instruct your team on how to do it. 
For preventive maintenance of the facility machinery and the course, efficient toro golf course equipment with world-class performance maintenance is a prerequisite.

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