A New Global Financial Ecosystem Connecting Boat Owners with New Travelers, Navisyo, Seeks Equity Investors via WeFunder

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With a nod to AirBnB and BlaBlaCar, Navisyo opens the amazing experience of private boating to everyone. With different levels of commitment for travelers and boat owners, Navisyo will bring together a global boating community with those who love the water, but can’t afford a boat of their own. Travelers can rent a “floatel”, accommodation on a moored boat, a voyage, going from point to point with the boat owners, or event space rental for a special event on a boat for personal or business events. Navisyo is in the funding stage with a Wefunder campaign allowing investors to purchase equity in the company with a guaranteed payout of 200% of their investment. More information is available at the WeFunder page: https://wefunder.com/navisyo.

“The world needs a new way to travel. We have lots of apps and services for hotels, B&Bs, car sharing, and much more for vacationers and business travelers,” said Alexander Michaels, Founder of Navisyo and serial entrepreneur. “The one area that was missing was boats. There are millions of boats that can welcome billions of travelers for an overnight stay or cross-ocean voyage. Navisyo will offer the flexibility and ease of use to boat owners and travelers as those other platforms.”

Funding has been kickstarted by the company’s largest investor, Ike Stranathan, CEO of STAFFVIRTUAL, a business process outsourcing company in the Phillipines.

“I really believe in his (Michaels’) model,” Stranathan said in a video on the Navisyo WeFunder page. “As a tech investor I invest heavily in the growing trend of “Platform Capitalism”. Navisyo will join the ranks of Google, Facebook, Uber and Airbnb, and others, who are transforming themselves to operate as platforms.”

One unique aspect of Navisyo is that the company intends to work with the existing infrastructure, in this case marinas. In fact, the company will welcome marinas as strategic partners in this disruptive revolution.

While the details will be divulged at a later date, the Navisyo team has committed to revenue-sharing and more with marina owners and management. This sets Navisyo apart from other similarly disruptive technologies in other sectors.

Another community-minded difference between Navisyo and other similar technologies is that they’ve created a pathway for anyone to make money from bookings via their Ambassador program.

This program allows anyone to refer travelers to the platform and make a percentage based royalty of the entire package amount purchased including any future ones. Navisyo will help anyone make a passive income that can amount to a lucrative income.

Navisyo is being started in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the team at Navisyo sees this as the perfect time for the launch of a unique travel-related platform. The industry has been decimated by the virus and necessary lockdowns.

When the travel industry recovers, Navisyo will be there to help travelers find new modes of transportation, new places to stay, and new places to host events. Navisyo will help boat owners worldwide to find new sources of revenue, whether for their voyages or when their boat is docked.

Potential investors should look closely at the company’s WeFunder page: https://wefunder.com/navisyo. The opportunity is there to make a great deal of money from their investment and deliver a new way of traveling to the world.

About Navisyo

The Navisyo platform will allow the world to sign up for free and join the dynamic and trusted Navisyo community. New community members will then be able to search for, or post, budget-friendly boat offers through three distinguishable options: 1 – Floatel stays (entire boat or cabin accommodations) in selected marinas, private docks or moorings, around the world, with or without the boat owners on board. 2 – Voyage opportunities to share an authentic journey, from point A to point B, on all waterways, with the boat owners. 3- Event spaces on a boat, whether for private or corporate celebrations, as a fun alternative to standard venues

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Alexander Michaels at +13058150165 (whatsapp) or email at alexander@navisyo.com.

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