A Six poker AI called ‘Pluribus’ Developed by Carnegie Mellon University For Facebook’s AI program

The AI (artificial intelligence) program was behind the Winning Wall Machine which won the World Series of Poker on Dec 30th 2018.

This machine is a very large AI program which runs on a Linux server, in a machine learning framework. When I run my bank to satisfy it with smart systems, I just tell it to have a few fun, and the funny thing is that they just very well do exactly that. At some point, even for some reason, they decide to have a little fun, and trying to win a poker tournament is what they decide to do.

If you follow it, you will see that it quickly sets a fair bet, and then tries to pay the bet up right away, even though it knows that it is not winning. It’s a cute computer – so cute that I bet it nothing. Once it picked up my obvious greed, it went on to pick up more and more chips, and, suddenly, its human opponent Alex Garcia decided that this wasn’t going to work out and gave the AI one final shot.

His final hand was marked with 4-dagger-a. When the AI tried to raise on that, the opponent took him at the draw (based on each straight folding ten minutes before the hand). Alex then claimed that he didn’t really have anything better to call and prepared for a raise on 4-dagger-e. The AI was in the catbird seat, full of chips at 7-3. I didn’t have any chips of my own, so I didn’t call as well. As the hand unfolded, Alex tried to raise on 5-dart-an. The machine realized that he had a much better hand than that of the opponent.

The question then became whether the AI could fold more chips without losing his life when the opponent wanted to double down on 5-dart-an. The foe raised to 18.5, the full house, and the AI folded out of the catbird seat to 8.5-darter-01. The opponent didn’t want to bet more, and he folded out of the catbird seat.

While the opponent did a great job of staying calm when they saw this upcoming outcome, we can only hope that they weren’t hoping for a nicer action than what they received.

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