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The Hand of PHC

The Hand of PHC

The Concerns-Berg

The Concerns-Berg

Schedule Cost Performance

Schedule Cost Performance

The starting point is a Training Needs Analysis service delivered alongside Project Health Control as tooling for ongoing governance in the project’s lifecycle.

Cobbs Paradox – “We know why projects fail; we know how to prevent their failure – so why do they still fail?””

— Martin Cobb

SOUTHMINSTER, ESSEX, GB, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Project Health Control methodology from Order Efficiency Ltd is now updated to include the first principle of Performance Improvement. Training, both vocational and academic, on the entire range of topics applicable to the Client’s business. The PHC service is now aligned with Training Needs Analysis (TNA) that identifies the gaps between current training in the organisation and what is needed for the future with the Client’s projects underway. The first TNA Report is made during the first three weeks of service after a PHC data structure is set in place.

Order Efficiency is the ‘PHC Owner’ in a newly created consortium for deployment of PHC on client’s business and projects and work is now focused on attracting a critical mass of consortium members, to allow effective matching of consortium resources with client needs. The joining process for the prospective member involves some preparatory viewing of introductory material and a half hour video conference session with an assigned PHC Consultant mentor before account set-up.

The Consortium has a register of individuals who join as trainees for a PHC Consultant role so they can see first hand how the service works to bring performance improvement to the Client’s projects and business processes. Once on board, individuals can introduce any associated organizations as Clients, Service Providers or Local Representatives who assume their role in the consortium register, available for work in helping Clients to achieve performance improvement.

“I am happy to be part of this early development, helping to get the consortium started, as I have seen for myself the power of PHC in action on petrochemical projects ” said Prince Jackson of Mac Equilibrium Ltd (PHC Local Representative for Nigeria)

The Consortium proposition is explained in a one-sheet-summary, and how the service works in practice is illustrated in a single sheet document that walks through the client’s journey from first interest to first invoice for the service.

“We are at the beginning of what we believe will be a massive global community of organisations, with Local Representatives in all countries, and a Service Supplier list reaching hundreds of thousands.” said David Winter of Order Efficiency Ltd, “The building of the Consortium starts with interest from PHC Consultants. The Service Suppliers, Local Representatives and Clients will grow from the PHC Consultants list as the people in it realise the worth of the Consortium for their own business.”

Consortium Clients are organisations from a wide cross section of the businesses community that benefit from the service through flexible and low risk engagement on a time billing basis.

Consortium Service Providers are businesses that offer their service to Consortium Clients for revenue. Their service relates mostly to training, but extends also to business development, team coaching and facilitation.

Consortium Local Representatives are single points of contact for administration of local regulations in service of contracts with Clients. The network of Local Representatives will expand as the Consortium expands geographically. The Local Representative invoices the Client and distributes benefits across contributing consortium members. There is opportunity for a Local Representative to build substantial revenue from service to the Consortium.

PHC Consultants form an entirely new class of employment in a role that harnesses continually, activity that normally stays in the heads of the executives; the ‘keeping in good order’ of business or project information for easy reference and effective follow up. The objective is ‘continual clarity’ on the status of Deliverables and Concerns in the business.

For the PHC Consultant, whose initial training is quick and easy, mastery builds over time. Invitation to join the PHC Consortium is extended to individuals from any background, with skills profile from novice to expert, and experience level from ‘starter’ to seasoned professional. For the case of each individual member, training as a PHC Consultant offers an option for a satisfying occupation or career choice.

There is a strong investment opportunity for rapid development of the consortium after an initial stage of organic growth while the service is being fully proven. Enquiries from potential investors is welcome along with applications from individuals interested in training for the PHC Consultant role.

Order Efficiency Ltd is a British company that provides Project Management Services, specialising in Performance Improvement through Project Health Control (PHC).

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