A Strategic Partnership Between Hasanov Capital and Reyes & Elsamad is Good News for New York property Investors

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hasanov Capital and Reyes & Elsamad Real Estate Group have commenced a strategic partnership intended to drive innovation, growth, and profit in their commercial real estate transactions.

Capital markets firm Hasanov Capital has teamed up with the Reyes & Elsamad Real Estate Group in a strategic alliance partnership. The aim of the partnership is to trigger further innovation and accelerate market presence in the commercial real estate market. The alliance will create an integrated approach to commercial acquisitions. For clients, this will result in optimized profits and a streamlined, holistic suite of sales and leasing services.

Farrukh Hasanov, a spokesperson for Hasanov Capital, said, “Hasanov Capital is excited to provide our clients with sales investment services through our partnership with Reyes & Elsamad.”

The partnership will result in high-caliber, one-stop property acquisition and leasing services that incorporate financing as part of the package. The alliance will be of value to real estate investors, developers, and anyone wishing to extend their property portfolio.

Clients working with Hasanov and Reyes & Elsamad will enjoy a multi-faceted, streamlined service that covers every aspect of property acquisition, financing, and subsequent leasing.

Hasanov Capital is a well-established, New York-based capital markets firm. It offers clients a diverse selection of financing options for a range of real estate transactions. The company focuses on finance solutions for the acquisition of commercial property.

Loans available from Hasanov Capital include bridge loans, construction loans, stabilized loans, mezzanine loans, and development loans.

Located in New York, Reyes & Elsamad specialize in investment sales and leasing services. Their strength lies in identifying real estate with potential across the following asset classes: multifamily; warehouse; hospitality; office; retail; and industrial.

Both companies can be contacted independently to find out more about the enhanced service benefits the strategic partnership offers.


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