Abuse of Power in Hollywood Exposed by ‘Slate For Me’ Short Film

Film illustrates cunning predatory tactics frequently used in castings to disguise and exercise abuse with impunity

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The frequent situations of abuse that many young actors and actresses experience when trying to make way and build a career in Hollywood are exposed in ‘Slate For Me’, a short film directed by JT Seaton and starred by Travis Duval that aims to lift the curtain that hides this reality.

“A casting director, a film director or anyone who can decide whether a person in a casting moves forward or not is in a very unique position of power when dealing with aspiring actors and actresses who are looking for a chance and who sometimes become easy preys of predators that disguise their abusive conducts as valid casting requirements,” JT Seaton commented.

“As an actor pursuing my passion for cinema and working to make a name for myself in the movie industry, I know all too well how frequent and dramatically impacting this is,” said Travis Duval, a 23-year-old actor living in Los Angeles, who is not only the star of the film but also its co-creator.

“We wanted to tell a short story based on real events that happen all the time that perfectly depicts how a slippery slope approach unfolds, requiring a person in a casting to go from meeting certain essential criteria to being put under extreme pressure to go clearly beyond what’s reasonable with the pretext that the script requires such concessions,” Mr. Duval further observed.

The short film realistically illustrates how a young actor in a casting starts reading a script and begins to be pressured to take strange actions, such as removing his shirt. As the casting director tells the actor that it’s all in the script and that perhaps he didn’t read it, using guilt and the suggestion of lack of commitment as a way to make the actor comply, viewers can see how a young man filled with hopes and committed to doing a good job in casting is suddenly taken over by a sense of despair, shame, and paralyzing confusion.

“In a nutshell, the film is very much about the many Epsteins that hide in the shadows of the entertainment industry and use their position to get people in castings to do what they would otherwise never think of doing, and to make choices and face consequences that they could never anticipate,” JT Seaton commented.

Speaking about the project, Mr. Duval also said, “Working with JT is amazing! He always takes the time to get the perfect shot and always allows for creative liberties!” The short film can be viewed at https://youtu.be/glM5HVAPjrg, carrying on collecting positive reviews from several people who relate to the problem it exposes.

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