Acrylamide Market Inclinations And Development Status Highlighted

The market for acrylamide is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 4% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process is expected to stimulate the acrylamide market growth as polyacrylamide has major application in this process.

– Stringent water regulations in Europe will drive the acrylamide market as one of the major application of acrylamide is in water treatment.
– Growing investments in water treatment in countries like China is expected to create major opportunities for market growth.
– Asia-Pacific accounted for the major market share followed by North America and Europe.

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Key Market Trends

Water Treatment Application to Dominate the Market

– Acrylamide is a linear polymer that includes monomer units with functional groups of amide, which adsorb onto the surface of particles. These particles are bridged together by the long polymer chain. This process is called flocculation and is widely used in the wastewater treatment method.
– When aqueous acrylamide or polyacrylamide (PAM) solutions are mixed with sewage, they form larger flocs, which can improve sedimentation rates in clarifiers, floatation rates in dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems, and water removal in sludge thickening equipment. Polyacrylamide is widely used in domestic sewage treatment, pulp and paper making, chemicals, petrochemicals, textiles, oil sands, and mining industries.
– The water treatment industry has been witnessing strong growth, widely fuelled by the increased industrial demand for water. As water is utilized in huge quantities in numerous industries, such as power, steel, mining and metallurgy, petrochemicals, oil and gas, food and beverage, and textile and dyes, the governments across the world are implementing regulations related to wastewater treatment on these industries, before releasing the water back into the environment.
– In sewage treatment, the non-ionic polyacrylamide is preferably used over its alternatives, if the sewage system is acidic in nature. Furthermore, with the inorganic flocculant poly-aluminum or aluminum sulfate, it provides better performance in the water treatment.
– Cationic polyacrylamide is highly soluble in water and has an excellent flocculation effect. It is used in variety of applications, including urban sewage treatment, paper making, metallurgical, petrochemical, food processing, dyeing, miner dressing, and industrial wastewater treatment. Moreover, cationic PAM is commonly used for the wastewater treatment in the food and beverage industries, including alcohol factory, sugar factory, monosodium glutamate factory, beverage factory, and others.

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