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USA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Absorb the Terror of the Most Massive Secrets in American History Months Before Publication; Immediately Begin Furthering Your Understanding of The American Civil War Being the Most Important Event in the History of the World

Author Stephen Thompson (Google: “Robert E. Lee, Patriot to the End”) announces previews of the two documents that will forever symbolize perhaps the most horrific events in the history of the world. Please go to www.WorkingForPresidentGrant.com and look for a reference to Anderson and a reference to Sherman on that website’s Blog.

The plan is for both documents to be published and available to the public beginning on a single day in 2021. Both documents will carry a tremendous amount of weight in the public eye when the American public finally digests the phenomenal quality of “Robert E. Lee, Patriot to the End” (which in its incredible brilliance is liberally organized to appeal for a Nobel Peace Prize along the path to the removal of the very symbol of the Confederacy and so many hate groups.)

Please contact Stephen Thompson. Phone: 205-908-8749 E-mail: tpaine4214@mail.com Address: 2016 Brook Highland Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242

Stephen Thompson is the first born son of the first born son of a rare career soldier in a tiny United States Military before the ramp-up to World War II, M. J. (like Michael and Jordan) Thompson. M. J. Thompson miraculously became a commissioned officer at the end of his career. The story goes that M. J. turned down a Congressional Medal of Honor for his conduct during World War II at St. Vith because he felt guilt regarding the lack of involvement of so many fellow soldiers at St. Vith with the mission that created that horrific situation. The story that Adolph Hitler showed up at that conflict at St. Vith might stretch the truth or not.



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