Africa-based American artist/producer, Elle B Releases Afrobeats-tinged holiday song, “Christmas in Naija”

Artist/Producer Elle B's "Christmas in Naija" album artwork

Christmas in Naija by Elle B Available Now

Singer Elle B with husband and collaborator, Kelechi A. pose in field in traditional Nigerian clothing

Singer Elle B with husband and collaborator, Kelechi A.

Photograph of Elle B wearing Ankara headwrap.

Artist/Producer Elle B and creator of “Carefree RnB”

The former Katy Perry background singer solidifies her sound of ‘Carefree RnB’

“Christmas in Naija” is the sound of ‘Carefree RnB” and will have you smiling… all the way we go this holiday season!”

— Elle B

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global rising talent, producer, and native-Angelino, Elle B just released a new single entitled, “Christmas in Naija.” Elle B’s new song is now available on all major streaming platforms alongside the self-distributing platform, Bandcamp. Elle B will release a special Christmas visualizer directed by South African director Onkabetse Mtshweni, on her Youtube this Dec 25th, where the song’s lyric video is already published. Tinged with Afrobeats, “Christmas in Naija” solidifies Elle B’s sound of high-spirited and soulful songs she’s coined “Carefree RnB.”

“For a while, I struggled to find a name for the kind of music I make because it doesn’t fit into any one category. As a vocalist, I love to explore different genres through my collaborations. But as an artist, I want to be known for upbeat music that still draws on the tradition of RnB storytelling. Songs don’t necessarily have to be happy, but I think a song can leave listeners feeling optimistic. There’s not a lot of that messaging in music today. I believe we can deal with real topics but still have healthy outlooks afterward. At the end of the day, we get one life. And I believe we should try to enjoy it.” – Elle B

“Christmas in Naija” joins Elle B’s catalog of ‘Carefree RnB’ hits including Elle B’s most-streamed single, LION, produced by Johan Lundin and Henric Pieroff of Woodhouse Productions in Sweden. The groovy song deals with the grief from her father’s death while lifting listeners through an empowered promise to “shine on” in his absence. Produced and written by Elle B, “Christmas In Naija” celebrates the joys of traveling home for the holidays from the perspective of a spouse visiting her in-laws for the first time.

“In America, we often discuss our experience with immigrant populations but rarely do we get to explore what it’s like when the shoe is on the other foot. In truth, it really is a beautiful journey. I was so warmly received in Nigeria that it inspired me to write a song about being there. But as I wrote the song, I realized there’s something bigger that I have become apart of. The number of people who travel across the globe to ‘go home’ each December is a significant human experience that takes place every year. But it is different this year because of the pandemic. I felt it was important to highlight that tradition even though many of us won’t be able to travel.” -Elle B

“Christmas in Naija” is assisted by Elle B’s husband, Kelechi A., who is credited on the song as “Father Christmas.” Tony A. also consulted on the Nigerian pidgin lyrics and the African instruments heard in the song, such as the traditional West African idiophone, ogene which opens the track. Traditionally, the ogene is used by the town crier to alert the community that there is an important message to be heard.

“Growing up as a kid in a family of choristers, I especially enjoyed participating in the church choir as a percussionist, playing drums, xylophone, and other instruments. Understanding rhythm, melody, and sound came in handy for my contribution to this song. It’s not “afro-afro,” because my wife has a different perspective. But it is an authentic hybrid of both worlds and it feels great.”

Elle B’s fan base is a diverse and growing audience of global music lovers. The South Central Los Angeles-native spent nearly a decade wowing fans as Katy Perry’s lead background vocalist on The California Dreams Tour, Prismatic World Tour, and the American leg of Witness: The Tour, before relocating to Africa where she has appeared as a guest judge on KTN’s “I Can Sing” in Nairobi, Kenya and as an opening act for Katy Perry’s “Witness The Tour” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In 2020, Elle B collaborated with Japanese reggae artist CJ Joe for his most-streamed single of the year, ‘Hope and Pray’ and again for the upcoming single “What’s Going On?” featuring M1 of Dead Prez and Ras Tariq. Elle B is also featured on the title track of South African Jazz legend Selaelo Selota’s 2020 album, “8 Colours of the Rainbow.” Elle B has recorded the song ‘Conversations’ with Woodhouse Productions for an international campaign with Mastercard announcing in 2021 and is planning to release another self-produced single, Wetin, in early 2021.

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Elle B – Christmas in Naija (Lyric Video)

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