Alef Bet by Paula Launches Home Blessing Wall Decor Featuring Hamsa Hand and Lucky “Evil” Eyes Made From Glass and Wood

Blue and gold lucky blue nazar eye

Watchful evil eye protection wall hanging

Blue hamsa hand with evil eye for protection made from glass

Amulet for home and office blue hamsa hand glass wall art

Transparent blue evil eye from turkey

Traditional blue nazar turkish blue evil eye for home

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alef Bet by Paula, a forefront manufacturer of Judaic, spiritual and on-trend hamsa and evil eye jewelry, has now branched out to include home decor. The new line of home wall hangings continue in the same fashion as their jewelry, with spiritual motifs that include the chamsa hand and evil eyes.

Both of these amulets, the hamsa and the eye, are multi-cultural symbols of luck and prosperity. They are usually hung in a room in the home or business, indoors or out. as a symbol of protection, good luck, good fortune and good health.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in requests for home amulets with the pandemic right now,” states owner, Alissa Haroush. “People are searching for a universal symbol to add an extra layer of protection, even if it is a spiritual one, to act as a barrier between them and any misfortune.”

Originating in the Middle East, the five-fingered hand shaped amulet is known as a chamsa, hamsa or even the Hand of Fatima. It is said to usher in blessings, health, kindness, love and push back evil. This symbol is often decorated with an all-seeing eye in the center to watch over and ward away harm. The hamsa hand is very popular in the Far East as well, and it is a well-known symbol of yoga.

The evil eye, often called a Malocchio, mal de ojo, or a Nazar Turkish eye is an amulet that also offers protection. Since the eye never closes, it is there to protect people nearby all day, every day. The lucky symbol is also used to prevent ill will or harm from coming near.

Of course, hamsa and evil eye amulets come in all forms of artistic wearable art forms, from jewelry to clothing to home decor. The brand new line at Alef Bet by Paula is handmade, and simple to affix to any wall in a home or business. Aside from being lightweight, it travels well and comes in a variety of brilliant colors and designs. It is a perfect gift for a loved one in need of healing, in need of protection, and in need of blessings. These are the ideal gifts for a new home or even for a child leaving for college, making sure loved ones are blessed with a lucky charm, an amulet.

See the entire collection of wall art: https://www.alefbet.com/collections/wall-art

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