An Easier, Cheaper, Structured Approach to Tailored Data Security In-House via 27001 Standard

Introducing the 27K1 Information security management system software programme to help you make your data secure, organise your data controls and keep tabs on your responsibilitiesur

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Secure Business Data offers the 27K1 Information Security Management System programme to address your Data Security needs

Secure Business Data offers the 27K1 ISMS semi-automated programme

Data Security is not just anti-hacker activity - it is all that goes towards using data correctly in the first place - Secure Business Data presents the 27K1 Information Security Management System to help you do just that!

Data Security is not just anti-hacker activity – it is all that goes towards using data correctly in the first place

Oxford-based Secure Business Data is offering businesses the opportunity to take advantage of cutting-edge data security software.

Data Security is far more than uploading your anti-virus software. You need to start by understanding why you hold data in the first place and work out what you can use it for – and many other steps..”

— Carl Kruger, Secure Business Data

OXFORD, OXFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cybercrime is one of the most significant threats to businesses in 2020. As companies of all sizes and scales face risks of data breaches and attacks, Secure Business Data has come up with a solution. With the 27k1 Information Security Management System (ISMS), companies can take charge of data security, implementing robust measures to protect against and prevent data breaches. The software is used by the UK Authority, and it has been nominated for two prestigious awards. It was a finalist in the 2019 Best in Tech Awards and the Tech UK 2020 Cyber Innovation Den competition.

Secure Business Data was established as an evolving network, which combines different services and solutions to provide customised, legal security options for each client. As cybercrime has become more prevalent, businesses have had to adapt and adjust to ensure that customer data and sensitive information stays safe. The aim of the software is to create an accessible one-stop-shop for businesses looking to take the stress out of data security. The 27k1 ISMS service provides a strong, effective core for companies, which can be added to and enhanced utilising additional cherry-picked features.

The team at Secure Business Data recognises and understands the challenges of running a business, and this software is designed to provide a stress-free solution. There are risks attached to data breaches and downtime. Working together with Secure Business Data, companies can lower the risk of losing money and suffering damage to their reputation and brand image.

All organisations must adhere to stringent data security policies and standards, including ISO 27001. Secure Business Data’s 27k1 ISMS management software is one of the first 27001 data security systems to launch as a user-de􏰪ned process. This software allows business owners to manage systems and take control without worrying about demands on time or the need to undertake complex processes. The system can be updated frequently with legal and technical solutions to satisfy GDPR requirements and it will evolve and grow with the business to enable effective operations for years to come. In addition to the core software, Secure Business Data also offers extra services to cover diverse security objectives.

About Secure Business Data
Based in Oxford in the UK, Secure Business Data was established to provide simple, effective, targeted data security solutions for businesses. Director, Carl Kruger, wanted to develop tools that would benefit companies and help them achieve their goals while also saving time and effort. The team is aware of the risks involved with data breaches, and with the 27k1 ISMS software, businesses can take advantage of seamless solutions with minimal effort, enjoying peace of mind and protecting their reputation.

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A personal introduction to the 27K1 ISMS semi automated programme by Carl Kruger of Secure Business Data

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