An Open Window to the Soul

Feelings From My Heart and Soul

Feelings From My Heart and Soul

A poet’s reflection and joyous and melancholic outbursts brought by the complexity and beauty of life

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Probably one of the noblest ways of trying to make sense of the world is through poetry, yet at the same time, frightening, for baring one’s thoughts and sentiments out in the open is indeed daunting. It is no wonder why many find solace, refuge, and companionship in those vivid, explicit, unrestrained bands of words. Although terrifying, one courageous soul went past the boundary of fear and has now witnessed what lies ahead of that border—freedom. And her leap of faith has brought support and navigation for those who are struggling with their emotional baggage. What started as a channel of Andrea Lambertson’s hurt and frustration from a failed marriage, Feelings from My Heart and Soul II: A Wonderful Journey of a Poet, has become a whole collection of movingly wistful poems. The subjects of these literary pieces vary from the change of seasons, life in upstate New York to various emotions across the spectrum, all of which share one goal: to deliver hope.

Andrea Lambertson, raised in an artistically-gifted family, has found her niche in teaching and writing. She is a graduate of Boston University and Cambridge College. Currently, Andrea volunteers at the Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, New York, while also being a part of the Grants Committee for the Greene County Council on the Arts. She enjoys swimming, playing golf, and checking out antiques.

Not limited by structures, Andrea’s poetry collection bounces with life. This way—free, unrestrained, unpredictable, honest, and raw—she expresses her emotions at its most candid form. She takes her readers on a journey and shares a parcel of herself as she lets everyone in on her life, from the most significant to the most simple such as walking out in nature and quiet time spent at home. These personal and intimate moments of the author makes this poetry collection even more relatable and easy to comprehend.

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