ANDREA BOCELLI’s Charity joins forces with BERVANN for an Elite Virtual GALA on Dec 30

ANDREA BOCELLI, ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation, BERVANN, BERVANN Foundation, Charity Gala 2nd Edition


ANDREA BOCELLI, Bervann, BERVANN Foundation, ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation, Charity GALA, Dec 30

Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation GALA II

The Italian and US nonprofits team up for a 2nd time to raise awareness and funds in support of underprivileged children across the US, Italy, Haiti and Africa.

In every life there is a gift; In every person there is a potential; In every gesture there is a value. Everyday there is a challenge to face; Every moment there is an opportunity to give…”

— ANDREA BOCELLI, Founder of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — 2020, a tragic year to go down as one of the most challenging 365-day experiences for most of us. Rightfully so, we have focused our attention to healthcare heroes who have helped save lives all year long and to businesses who have helped us keep a roof over our head and food on the table. As we near a hopeful exit from this horrific season, we turn our focus to the most vulnerable human beings on earth, those who might not even understand the sudden changes they have been subjected to and might suffer extended consequences on the continued balance of their health, lifestyle and education post-pandemic: OUR CHILDREN.

The ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation, the nonprofit founded by the globally celebrated Italian icon ANDREA BOCELLI 9 years ago in Florence (Italy) has partnered for a 2nd time with the BERVANN Foundation, the nonprofit of the New York investment holding BERVANN to address the Impact of COVID-19 on Children and pragmatic initiatives toward Building a Better World for Our Youth.

BOCELLI has built 9 schools across Italy and Haiti in its 9 years of existence; provides access to quality education to over 3,000 children; distributes over 21,000 gallons of water daily and provides access to basic healthcare to over 8,000 individuals.

BERVANN was among the first organizations to suspend active in-person operations due to COVID-19 in the US; provided technical support, financial assistance and PPE to over 600 hospitals and 24 government entities; Operates BERVANN Minority Fund that provides funding and mentorship to small businesses with at least 1 minority decision maker across the US; BERVANN for Charities that provides funding and strategic support to other nonprofit organizations with impactful missions; BERVANN One-Kid-at-a-Time that sponsors the primary school, high-school and university’s tuition fees for children from underprivileged backgrounds in Africa.

Together for the Greater Good, both foundations who came together for the first time in May 2020 for a very successful COVID-19 Online Charity Gala that helped support healthcare professionals and small businesses affected by the pandemic, will reunite on December 30 to Celebrate Love, Spread Hope and Create Opportunities for Our Children and Grandchildren.

ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation will be led by VERONICA BOCELLI, spouse of ANDREA BOCELLI and Vice-Chairman of the ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation; and STEFANO AVERSA, Global Vice Chair and EMEA Chair of AlixPartners and Chairman of the ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation. The BERVANN Foundation will be led by VAL NZHIE, Chief Investment Officer at BERVANN and Board Member of the BERVANN Foundation.

The Virtual Charity GALA is announced to be an Epic End-of-the-Year Soiree filled with insightful conversations by business thought leaders and outstanding entertainment by renown performers from Italy, Canada and the United States. Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation GALA II will take place on Wednesday December 30, 2020 from 1:00PM – 4:00PM Eastern Time. The event will be Virtual and segmented into: Silent Auction – Celebrity Fireside Chats – LIVE Entertainment – The 2020 Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation Inaugural Award.

The Speaking Sessions and Fireside Chats will cover key topics as:

* Honoring the trending ascension of Women in 2020
* The multi-layered impact of COVID-19 on women
* The impact of COVID-19 on Children

BERVANN Foundation
* 2020 recap and 2021 target impact outlook

* ABF’s 9-year journey and 2021 target mission

* The influence of Celebrities and Social Media on Children

~ A Pre-event CONCERT (12 Musical Performances)
~ LIVE CONCERT during Main Event (8 Musical Performances)
~ A Post-event CONCERT (12 Musical Performances).

The Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation Gala will be attended by Corporate executives, Investment executives, Sport athletes, Music and Painting artists, Movie actors/actresses, Government officials, High-Net-Worth families, Grant-making foundations, Philanthropic institutions, Wealth management executives, Influencers, Media executives and Entrepreneurs.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of these holidays, many of us will not be able to celebrate in-person with loved ones. We encourage you to join us and invite your friends, family members, colleagues and network for a glamorous virtual celebration of our entry into 2021.

GALA Registration at: https://bervann.com/bocelli-dec30

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Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation GALA, Edition II

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