Apple Inc. Stock Rises Friday, Outperforms Market

It’s Apple time again. Apple is the first company that comes to mind when talking about the tech industry and the brands that influence it. Apple is either top in every category or near the top of all the others.

Given this track record, one would think that the company would be the company that would surpass the market. In fact, the tech giant has managed to outperform the rest of the market for a while now.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the stock has beaten the market so much. Apple is the company that leads the tech space when it comes to name recognition, hardware, and software. No matter what company, market, or industry you are working in, Apple will always be the one with the most popular products.

The question is: Can this continue?

Year-over-Year Returns in the First Quarter

When considering the company’s share of the large part of the market that it does, this company should be the favorite to lead the tech industry. In the first quarter of this year, Apple announced that its revenues were up 7 percent on a year-over-year basis to $52.91 billion. While this is lower than the high of $53.36 billion that Apple received in the first quarter of 2018, the company did post a gain for the quarter.

The company has consistently come out with quarterly gains for the last two years and, considering its better than expected market share, Apple should easily continue this trend throughout the year. With this increase in revenue, and even earnings, Apple’s stock price has risen:

The upside for Apple is that its stock is a great buy, and the company is growing its revenues and profits.

New Products in the Pipeline

A big issue that needs to be addressed is Apple’s devices, but a new device coming out soon might help the situation.

Apple just announced that it would make the next iteration of the iPhone with a larger screen. In addition, the company is making some changes to the software interface in order to help this product get a boost in sales.

Other products that might see some increased sales in the future include the new Smart Input pad and new AirPods. Apple gave no timetable for these new products, but they should help this company continue the growth it has been enjoying for the last two years.

Apple’s success shouldn’t be taken for granted. Every product the company is launching is proof that they are focusing on the needs of consumers and are making their products better. They may be able to gain even more users if they can continue their current trends of upcoming growth.

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