Apple Suggests New iPhones Won’t Arrive in September

iPhone rumors have been heating up this week, and Apple is once again in the news for a confusing tweet that suggests we’ll be waiting longer to see new iPhones in 2019.

According to a new tweet published Tuesday by Twitter user @evleaks, it looks like Apple will release the next iPhone in October this year. The tweet appears to come from official Apple sources. However, Apple doesn’t usually respond to such tweets — so it’s possible this may not be true.

A day earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that Apple would release its most-anticipated product in 2019, but he didn’t use the word “iPhone” or even mention the word “new.”

“Later this year, we’ll introduce a new iPhone model with an all-new design and features that we’ve never seen before,” Cook said during Apple’s annual shareholder meeting.

A lot of the speculation about Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup (which will also include a cheaper option for consumers) centers around a new phone with a bigger screen than the current iPhone X, as well as some other new features. Currently, most analysts expect Apple to release the new iPhone in September.

Another Twitter user also claimed he has insider information, and he believes Apple will hold off on releasing a new iPhone in September until the end of 2019.

However, a few days ago, Apple supplier Foxconn reportedly introduced a new iPhone production line at its factory in Pudong, China. And the rumor mill is churning.

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