Apple Work To Ease Direct Wireless Data Transfer For Iphone Through Satellite Technology

Apple is working on a new initiative to make the popular iPhone easier to transfer data such as pictures, videos, and music from your personal cellular network to your home Wi-Fi network. The move is a considerable breakthrough that could turn the mobile device into a true Wi-Fi hotspot for home computing or basic web browsing.

Wireless carriers often provide the highest speeds for making calls from home, but the connection quality at home tends to be poor. With the new initiative, cellular phones that can connect to a wireless home network will essentially become a true wireless hotspot. The possible first beneficiaries of this new development are the basic phones that are home phones, like the Bose OpenLine Line series, the venerable Cheetah series for television, and LG’s excellent new Lifestyle single series.

Apple’s plans for a new initiative to make better and faster wireless calls at home, are due to the hundreds of pounds of payload aboard most satellites, according to Business Insider.

Increasing weight can cause satellites to lose drag and experience atmospheric turbulence, and excess mass causes the satellites to lose power, making them vulnerable to being hit by stray objects, such as airplanes or flying missiles.

The new initiative to make the iPhone data transfer easier, also uses radio frequency technology to greatly improve signal reception.

It appears Apple did this to maximize the performance of the latest version of iOS: it adjusted the radio to send data at a significantly higher speed than cellular speeds, which reduced the amount of power needed to transmit this data at high data rates, and the advantage was obvious.

Apple’s exact intentions with this new initiative have not been made clear, but it could open up the iPhone to the growing market of users who want their personal wireless data to travel over satellite networks.

Still, the thinking goes that the most important wireless feature to focus on would be the ideal data compression technology. Compression has become a difficult technical problem for satellite data, since data traffic reaches speeds with the tether of a coaxial cable between the phone and a router. Compression could certainly improve cellular performance, but sending all that extra data over a network of satellites can be cost prohibitive.

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