Are you into events management and often wonder whether it is possible to adopt technology like artificial intelligence?

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Technology is here to stay and is constantly advancing!

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Event Management Expert & Author Mario Pereira Releases “How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The Events Industry”

“I wanted a way to share my years of knowledge and expertise. This book illustrates the myriad ways technology and systematic innovation can change the industry’s challenges”.”

— Mario Pereira

ZURICH, ZH, SWITZERLAND, June 16, 2021 / — Are you into events management and often wonder whether it is possible to adopt cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency and give your customers and their guests experiences like no other?

Or are you someone that hosts events frequently and wish to take them to the next level by adopting artificial intelligence?
If you’ve answered YES,

Let This Book Usher You Into The World Of Tech-Driven Artificial Intelligence Where You Will Learn How Artificial Intelligence Can Solve Problems You May Have Experienced Holding Events In Ways You Never Thought Was Possible!

Technology is here to stay and is constantly advancing! What’s more – any business worth its salt MUST endeavor to adopt technology in its processes to solve problems and advance its product/service options. And that’s what artificial intelligence brings to the events industry – powerful tools and functions that make distances non-issues, tools and functions that enhance security, others that can help tell the mood of the people, others that help chefs create new foods that have never been made before and much more!

And this book is about to usher you into this world, where nothing is off the table as far as events management is concerned!

So if you are wondering…

What is wrong with the traditional approach to events management?
What exactly is artificial intelligence – if it is not just about autonomous robots and self-driving cars?
What in what areas can you adopt artificial intelligence in events management?
How do you adopt artificial intelligence?
What experiences does the author have regarding events management and the use of artificial intelligence?
If you have these and other related questions, you are in luck as the author will take you throughout his journey to adopting artificial intelligence in events, whether you are hosting social or business/corporate events.

So if you want to learn….
• The history of event management
• What artificial intelligence is?
• Key AI concepts like algorithms, deep learning, narrow AI and machine learning
• The fundamentals of AI design and architecture
• The problems that exist within traditional event management practices
• How event management is fundamentally changing as an industry
• And more

Read along as we cover unique and critical topics like:
• How facial recognition technology improving efficiency and security
• How chatbots are interpreting communications between people speaking different languages
• How catering services are transforming by integrating AI
• The intricacies of AI powered venue selection
• How AI is helping guests at business conferences to network with each other
• How AI can help in decoration and interior design at events
• How AI helps improve menu selection by utilizing AI backed gastronomy programs
• Problems to expect when integrating AI and how to overcome them

While the mention of artificial intelligence evokes images of complex computer algorithms and futuristic robots as seen in Sci Fi films, the truth is that you can adopt artificial intelligence in your everyday life, whether you are an events manager or a business executive looking to leverage the power of technology to make your events better, enhance the experience, set yourself apart and more!

When you are done reading this book you will have gained a lifetime of experience in just a few short hours. The stories are interesting to follow and the tough concepts have been made easy to understand. So get ready to broaden your horizons and adjust your expectations because you are in for one hell of a ride!
Are you ready?

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