Arlington Wealth Management Announces Major Rebranding Initiatives to Expand Client Experience

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINIOS, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arlington Wealth Management (AWM), a personal wealth management firm in the Chicagoland metropolitan area, announces a major rebranding to reflect the company’s renewed initiatives and vision.

The rebranding initiative coincides with recent changes to the company’s focus to redefine its niche and further strengthen client relationships. The rebrand has provided a platform to evolve the firm’s wealth management service offerings after making a conscious decision to spend more time and energy on a limited client base.

“Rebranding represents a significant step in the company’s evolution,” explains Joseph LoPresti, President and CEO of Arlington Wealth Management. “We are redefining who we are by driving change and helping shape the financial future of our client base. We built our brand with the sole intention of developing trust and credibility based on proprietary knowledge—that’s what’s kept our firm running seamlessly for the past two decades. Now we’re doubling down to expand client experiences through customized advanced planning in the areas of tax mitigation, lifestyle cash flow planning, wealth transfer, asset protection, and impactful charitable strategies to complement our experience in proactive investment management.”

The rebranding initiative includes a new name, a new logo, a new website, and a new social media campaign to reposition the firm formerly known as Arlington Capital Management. This bold decision is designed to provide a superior client experience and elevate Arlington Wealth Management into a higher class in the industry.

Client relationships have continued to be the core of Arlington Wealth Management’s business model since its conception in 2000. The personalized wealth management firm is now repositioning itself to ensure that they are committed to providing exceptional client experiences. AWM further reinforces its competitive advantage by establishing three key niches that make up its selective client base: Business Owners, Real Estate Investors, and Family Wealth.

Arlington Wealth Management’s vision is to provide nothing short of a personalized approach for each client. The decision to limit the firm’s client base furthers AWM’s commitment to the success of each client’s financial future. “In spending more time and energy on each client relationship, we believe they receive more value, and we make a more significant impact on their lives. We ask our clients to show us a picture of their ideal financial world, and we’ll place all of our resources behind guiding you to make it a reality.”
About Arlington Wealth Management

Arlington Wealth Management (AWM), formerly Arlington Capital Management, is headquartered in the Northwest Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Arlington Wealth Management is proud to remain an intimate-sized company with highly selective staff and a limited client base. AWM strives to deliver exceptional value and client experiences by keeping the company size manageable. The firm recently changed its name from Arlington Capital Management to Arlington Wealth Management to communicate its purpose and vision.

Joseph LoPresti founded the wealth management firm in 2000 and remains the President and Chief Executive Officer of Arlington Wealth Management today. Joe is an industry veteran, starting his career in the 1980s. Acquiring over 35 years of industry experience, he gained vast knowledge and expertise throughout his professional career. The AWM team leverages his extensive expertise to guide the firm’s client group.

The CEO’s career path led to developing unique investment strategies by studying other leading industry professionals and the techniques he finds successful. By combining methods, adding creative improvements, and adapting them to new contexts, he forms the framework for Arlington Wealth Management’s proprietary methodology. Joe shares his findings in his book entitled Empowered Investing: Strategies for Proactive Investors, where he guides readers through strategies on how to become a disciplined investor. Additionally, for many years Joe hosted a radio program where he shared his knowledge and methods with a larger audience to provide his views on how investors could build their wealth and enrich their lives with Empowered Investing.

Arlington Wealth Management strives to create a strategic advantage in the way they do business. They are committed to their clients’ unique needs, providing custom advanced planning solutions designed to deliver each client’s ideal financial world. The firm does not sell products, earn commissions or provide canned, unimaginative services. For these specific reasons, AWM chooses to work with a select and limited group of clients in situations where the company believes they can significantly impact their lives. Arlington Wealth Management believes the strength of client relationships improves by taking the time to understand what’s important to each client and then developing actionable plans and strategies designed to help them achieve their most important goals.

Like other wealth management companies, Arlington Wealth Management advises families who accumulated wealth through years of hard work. In an industry where many wealth management firms prioritize a bigger-is-better mission, AWM confidently prioritizes quality over quantity. The talented team is the core of Arlington Wealth Management, sharing its values and vision and showing the daily drive with the aim to cultivate meaningful and long-lasting client relationships. The amount of time and energy the AWM staff invests into each client is a competitive advantage over competitors that focus more aggressively on expanding their client base.

Arlington Wealth Management addresses the top concern among many affluent families, preserving their wealth, through an investment policy that prioritizes active risk management, further differentiating AWM from the more common, passive asset management firms. AWM developed a proactive model using market and economic data designed to identify market trends and potential turning points. The model provides a layer of active risk management over its various investment strategies. The strategies target a wide range of objectives, from providing reliable cash flow designed to support client lifestyle to wealth creation through high-growth investments in exponential technologies and disruptive industries.

The Arlington Wealth Management process tailors client solutions with guidance beyond investing. The customized advance plans include tax mitigation, lifetime cash flow planning, wealth transfer, and asset protection. Also, some clients have specific charitable causes that they care deeply for, and they want advice and guidance on magnifying their philanthropic strategies during their lifetime and after they passed.

Arlington Wealth Management works toward striking a balance between preserving its core values and stimulating progress, staying true to its vision while adapting to a dynamic industry and evolving global market. AWM believes this delicate balance is key to long term success in the wealth management industry.

The Arlington Wealth Management team advises and supports clients who have spent their entire lives building a nest egg. AWM offers a knowledgeable and experienced wealth management firm to help them make intelligent decisions and guide them toward their life goals. AWM is about interjecting a vital human element into the world of wealth management, especially in places where it may have been lacking before.

The company’s leadership designed Arlington Wealth Management to be your partner in helping you achieve your essential life goals and navigating the path to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Further information is available at www.arlington-wealth.com

Arlington Capital Management, Inc. (Arlington Wealth Management) is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

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