Articulated Robot Market Envisioned to Generate a CAGR of 10% from 2022-2031

“The articulated robot market is expected to register a CAGR of 10%, during the forecast period 2022 To 2031

– The shift from manual production to automation is one of the major factors that is driving the robotics market. The potential of articulated robots to aid in high payload lifting during the manufacturing of automobiles, customization in machinery, is furthering aiding the growth of the articulated robots.
– Further, another crucial factor that is driving the market is the increased concern for labor safety. The adoption of such robots also helps in reducing operational cost, production cost & manufacturing cost, and the wastage of the raw material.
– However, the complexity of their installation along with the high cost of these robots is the few factors that is hindering the market growth.

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Key Market Trends

Automotive Industry is Expected to Register a Significant Growth

– The automotive industry is the most common user of articulated robots, as it involves a wide variety of tasks such as manufacturing and assembly which involves operations such as welding, cutting, painting, etc. Moreover, the applications of such articulated robots play a vital role to increase productivity, production, efficiency and also for reduction of energy consumption in the automotive industry.
– Moreover, articulated robots have always been used for repetitive, dangerous jobs that humans shouldn’t handle. The companies have adopted robots in their processes to improve productivity and enhance the quality of their respective vehicles. For instance, the American automaker Ford Motor Company makes use of around 450 robots to paint vehicles and carry out processes for body construction at its Sanand plant in India, also Maruti Suzuki India makes use of 5,000 robots in one of its plant in India. Similarly in other
– Demand for the automobile is increasing continuously and with the rising disposable income in the region such as Asia-Pacific is expected to boost the market which in result will increase the demand for the articulated robots

Asia- Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth

– China and India are expected to account for the largest geriatric population pool across the world. As a result, the demand for pharmaceutical articulated robots in China and India is expected to witness robust growth over the forecast period. These robots are
– For instance, in October 2019, CMR Surgical Ltd announced that Galaxy Care Hospital in India would procure the Versius surgical robotic system. The introduction of Versius would support the hospital to bring robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery to more people. A range of surgical procedures has been done with Versius at the center for laparoscopy, including transthoracic, hysterectomies, and myomectomies.
– Also, China’s Robotics Industry Development Plan set a goal of expanding robot use tenfold by 2025. As a result, many provincial governments are providing generous subsidies for firms to buy robots.
– Furthermore, Japan is organizing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which is going to increase the consumer demasnd

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