Artist plays Grand Theft Auto on local police station: raising wanted levels in-game and out

Stopped by the police.

Playing on the Prime Ministers office.

Playing DOOM on a local church

Playing DOOM on a local church.

Mortal Kombat on Parliament.

Artist Odee makes headlines as he plays PS5 on Icelandic landmarks

REYKJAVíK, GULLBRINGUSýSLA, ICELAND, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Oddur Eysteinn Friðriksson, more commonly known as Icelandic artist and creator of the global phenomenon MOM air Odee, took to the streets to project and play PS5 on landmark buildings without permission.

The Fine Arts student at the Iceland University of Arts says “The COVID-19 lockdown was getting me down. I wanted to do something fun outside. I decided to borrow a PS5 and rent the required equipment. Using a 60kg industrial projector which typically costs $99,995 (USD), a VW Caddy to get around, and a power generator, I made sure that the project could go forward with complete mobility.”

Odee played Mortal Kombat on the oldest parliament in the world, Minecraft on the prime minister’s office, Doom on the local church, and a list of other combinations which inspired a chuckle in fans. For more than 8 hours he drove around and played games until he was finally stopped by police and told to return to his home.

“The Police didn’t like it one bit, and asked me several times if I had a permit for what I was doing. Which I didn’t. But they didn’t find any laws that I was breaking, and were forced to let me go.”

The project titled “Playing Outside” was developed by the artist as a performance and concept artwork for a school solo exhibition. This is in line with the unique nature of Odee’s art which he describes as being digital fusion art, or visual mashup. Digital fusion art revolves around the amalgamation of numerous kinds of art and media which he uses to create expressive artwork that showcases his demonstrative personality. He uses his art to combat notions of copyright and fair use which infringe upon freedom of expression.

The artist first made headlines with MOM air – an elaborate art project which saw thousands believing that the spoof airline was, in fact, real. The supposed airline sought to link Iceland to both sides of the atlantic. The airline was said to charge not only for seats, cabin bags, and in-flight Wi-Fi, but also for lifejackets, toilet paper, and soap. Surprisingly, the premise was a hit as it also projected to offer Covid flights for those who had tested positive, or had had the virus before. These flights were going to be manned by those who had already had the virus and developed antibodies.

The airline also made a show of promoting gender equality by promising to have as many female employees as male, and by being as eco-friendly as possible. The social responsibility mentality was a hit with many people and inspired thousands of Instagram followers as well as numerous booking queries before the airline had even officially been launched.

Although MOM air was meant to last for some time more, Odee found the response overwhelming. Finally, he responded by admitting that it was an art project which emphasized the obscurity of reality and the power of marketing. As the son of a marketing professional, he had specific insight into the nature of advertising and its effect on what we all perceive as reality.

“Both with MOM air and Playing Outside I wanted to inspire others to break the invisible barrier that we set ourselves, on what we can and can’t do.”

This project also speaks to his history as a student of business administration with a focus on marketing and management at the University of Iceland. Currently, however, he lives and works in Reykjavík, with five kids and his fiancé.

Even though MOM air was his big foray into publicity, he started his career as an artist in 2014 when he first put his artwork up for sale. In that first month, he sold more than 70 pieces after which his work was shown in Gallerí Fold, one of Iceland’s most prestigious auction houses of fine art. He has an avid interest in many different types of art, and as such he worked with the Icelandic Dance Company by creating showpieces for one of their dance shows entitled Taugar.

Even though Odee rarely takes commissioned work anymore and is very selective about what he produces, there is no doubt excitement amongst fans who cannot wait to see what exciting new notion he’ll conjure up to distort reality and intrigue the senses.

Artist Odee

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