ASUAVEPRODUCTION Announces Visual Project to Close Out 2020

Behind the Scenes

BOWIE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ASUAVEPRODUCTION has announced the upcoming release of their new music video Zzz. The date has been set for the last week of December. This will be their fourth visual project collaboration with artist, Lulu. In 2019, their first collaboration music video, Alchemy was filmed in Iceland. With breathtaking visuals displaying the ethereal landscape, the music video dedicatedly embodies the beauty of the song. The independent release of the visual project garnered acclaim for its jaw dropping scenery.

ASUAVEPRODUCTION soon after collaborated with Lulu on his song Starcaster. The setting of this visual project took place in Philadelphia. Once again, the song and the visual cohesively intertwine with one another creating a dreamlike performance from “Orisha”, the band that brings the song to life. The aesthetics of the visuals came from imagining a fantasy with colors that illuminate the magic of love and dreams of a future filled with it.

Farewell was the third and most recent visual project released from the collaborators. With the setting taking place in a quaint suburban town, the visuals emit the lyrics of the song which highlights the closeness that can be found in a relationship. It paints a beautiful but yet stark image of relationship with love but of the pain knowing it shouldn’t last and that one should go.

“The picture and the song should always tell the same story, that is the crux of how we create here” Indigo Suave expressed. This consistency in ASUAVEPRODUCTION visual projects will be looked for in Zzz. The song captures a brewing of self-confidence along with a dark, grungy vibe. “It has been a difficult year for production, but we are excited to be finally release some content,” Indigo Suave said.

We all look forward to the direction of its visualization and the premier release of Zzz!

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