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HAPPY VALLEY, OREGON, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you are a victim of religious or spiritual abuse, it is one of the most agonizing and bewildering traumas we can ever go through. Moving on from such a traumatic event may seem impossible to navigate but luckily there is hope, we can regain our sense of emotional balance, and healing is absolutely possible.

Connie Baker MA LPC is an exceptional licensed professional counselor, Trauma Recovery specialist, Life Coach, Keynote speaker, and author of Traumatized by Religious Abuse: Courage Hope and Freedom For Survivors.

“The psychological and emotional impact of religious abuse is dramatic. Getting qualified, professional input is critical,” says Connie. “A qualified therapist trained in trauma intervention who understands religious abuse dynamics can benefit survivors immensely.”

Religious abuse happens when someone in position of spiritual authority misuses their authority leveraging either God or other religious ideas, to hurt, control, weaken, and silence another person. Unresolved trauma from that abuse can have a profound adverse effect on our lives causing a deep sense of isolation and disconnection and prevent us from living our best lives.

As a religious abuse survivor herself, Connie understands this immense pain. She was sexually abused by an older pastor when she was twenty-five years old, then blamed, shamed, and dismissed from the church she loved. The devastation it caused her led her into the darkest period of her life which took over a decade to heal. After coming to terms with her grief and trauma, she found her powerful voice and for over 15 years her purpose and mission has been to help others find new beginnings, healing, and purpose like she has.

In her fiercely candid book, Traumatized By Religious Abuse Hope and Freedom For Survivor Connie openly shares her own personal story.

Connie, shares, “Throughout the book I define and describe religious abuse providing practical guidelines, explore its damaging impact and provide practical guidelines for healing, recovery, and growth.”

Connie went from a helpless victim to a proud survivor and acclaimed motivational speaker with a clear message that you can rise above.

Connie’s journey towards enlightenment and resurgence has given her the knowledge to help others.

“It’s vital in the aftermath of abuse that survivors are educated and validated, that they work through their trauma and develop boundaries and their own sense of self-worth,” says Connie.

Additionally, Connie leads a private Facebook recovery group, complete with live videos where people find connection with other sufferers and go from “surviving to thriving.”

“In these challenging times of fear and uncertainty it may feel like we alone but we are really not,” says Connie. “Life is beautiful but also full of pain so if we remember we are not alone and connect with one another we can humanize each other, become whole again and live with joyful purpose.”

Close Up Radio will feature Connie A. Baker in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Monday December 21st at 2 p.m. EST and Monday December 28th at 2 p.m. EST with Jim Masters.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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