Author Elizabeth Clyde Announces Book “Pregnant and Empowered” Offering Resources For Women Who Want To Home Birth

Book Cover for Pregnant and Empowered

Back Cover for Pregnant and Empowered

Home birth and free birth is something any woman can do if they chose to do it.”

— Elizabeth Clyde

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / — Home birth and free birth is something any woman can do if they chose to do it. Elizabeth’s book will provide educated resources to help mothers give birth successfully at home.

Atlanta, GA: Author Elizabeth Clyde is proud to announce her new book titled “Pregnant and Empowered” The purpose of the book is to encourage women to own their birth and take charge of their pregnancy and after birth, to live a more fulfilling life.

Elizabeth also shared her experience and knowledge on having a successful home birth. She believes that women who wish to give birth at home should do so without fear of complications. She gave birth to her two sons at home, and she’s providing a valuable resource for others who want to free birth.

Birthing should be a wonderful experience for all mothers. It should be a time to be proud as a woman for bringing life into the world. However, the media and society have made it look like a complicated and painful thing, a narrative that many women have subscribed to. Elizabeth is on a mission to change the way people think about birth so that women can look forward to it as a moment of pride.

Elizabeth was in labor for 32 hours for her first child, but for her second son, she was in labor for only six hours. Her successful home birth experience involving only her husband and a midwife is a powerful resource for any woman interested and confident in giving birth at home.

Pregnant and Empowered is a 61-page book written in simple language and easy to follow. For smooth reading, the entire story is arranged to include an introduction, first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester. There are also pieces of Elizabeth’s birth story to help women learn from and resources to help readers find further knowledge. It’s a complete educational package with real lessons for women who want to take charge of their birth and taking care of their babies.

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