Berlin Tour Operator Optimistic about Tourists Returning this Summer

Popular Berlin tour company announces the opening of booking available starting in July.

BERLIN, GERMANY, June 7, 2021 / — Popular Berlin tour company announces the opening of booking available starting in July. Birchy’s Berlin Tours and web page will start offering walking and biking tour bookings of the city in July as Corona Cases Plummet. The company also said all booked tours come with easy cancellation and refund should travel restrictions not continue to ease.

Birchy’s Berlin Tour company has announced the reopening of their tour bookings in Berlin for optimistic travelers. The German capital experienced a slow start to its vaccination program and remains under strict restrictions to tourists as it recovers from a brutal covid winter. However, the vaccine program has started to make strides and the numbers of infections in the German capital have plummeted. Already restrictions for locals are being relaxed and the city is experiencing an exceptional stretch of warm weather. Berlin is waking up.

Birchy’s Berlin Tours is a popular tourist sightseeing company that boasts a group of some of the city’s most experienced guides. Lead by owner, and archeologist Aaron Birchenough they have taken the seemingly sudden advantageous turn to welcome travelers back to the city. Mr. Birchenough expressed that he and his team have indeed been looking forward to the return of tourism in the city and that many on the team had to pick up some type of other work at some point during the pandemic. But now that guides are either vaccinated or have appointments to do so, he says that the team is excited to get back to showing off the Berlin history and culture they love. “We of course always want to air on the side of safety, so we are ready for bookings in July but just like everyone else we just have to see how it goes and hope that the vaccines and the numbers keep going the way that they should. I’m optimistic about it”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are in place for entry into Germany from many countries. Persons entering Germany from risk areas or by air must complete a digital entry registration, undergo mandatory testing or provide proof of immunity, and comply with quarantine regulations. It can be quite a
lot to keep track of at the moment and it gets more difficult as each German state has different restrictions surrounding Covid-19. However, restrictions in Berlin are getting dropped rapidly. Outdoor dining was first to be allowed and on Friday, June 4 indoor eating followed. Then finally on Tuesday, June 1 Berlin mayor Michael Müller (SPD) announced that Hotels may start accepting tourists again on June 11. With more and more countries rolling out plans for loosened travel restrictions it seems Berlin is ready to take advantage if and when tourists return.

Check your countries travel restrictions to and from Germany before planning any travel. Most restrictions in Germany involve providing proof of Vaccination or current negative tests. The only way to gain access to tours as of publishing is by providing a same-day negative Covid-19 test. For more information about corona restrictions and tours visit the official website Birchy’s Berlin Tours.

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Birchy’s Berlin Tours is a professional tour operator and events manager specializing in Berlin history and culture. For media inquiries regarding Birchy’s Berlin Tours, individuals are encouraged to contact the company’s Media Manager, Torsten Muller directly at To learn more about the company, please visit:

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