Bitpix TV Features Anti-COVID Short Film, It Is What It Is

Luca Cerbone and Sofia Maggi star in the anti-COVID film, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Film industry uses anti-COVID short film to spread the word to young people.

Young people need to understand that COVID is a real threat, even if the vaccine has been approved and is being administered across the nation. IT IS WHAT IT IS reveals the grief it can cause.”

— Theo Dumont, Co-Founder, Bitpix TV

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — This week the short film channel Bitpix TV is featuring the anti-COVID film It Is What It Is, joining the industry’s fight against this deadly virus.

“We are proud to be part of the fight against COVID,” said Theo Dumont, co-founder of Bitpix TV. “Young people need to understand that this is a real threat, even if the vaccine has been approved and is being administered across the nation. The short film, It Is What It Is, goes a long way in revealing the grief this virus can cause.”

The eight-minute anti-COVID film starring Italian-American actors Luca Cerbone and Sofia Maggi, portrays a young couple discussing their participation in a Los Angeles party. They attended the event despite the known virus risk. It is not until the end that viewers learn she has become a victim of the virus. The entire discussion, as well as their sharing a glass of wine, is only in the mind of her grieving boyfriend.

“As we were shooting this public-service short film,” said producer Michael Sedge, “we struggled with the perfect title—something that the world would recognize immediately. When president Trump, last August, said that the situation ‘is what it is,’ I knew that was it.”

According to Sedge they wanted to make a film targeting the 16-35 age group—those young people going to bars, parties, and large gatherings that spread the virus. Now, he adds, “The Sedge Group is reaching out to online and broadcast networks around the world to join our fight against COVID-19 to transmit the film and get the world out. And we welcome Bitpix TV’s participation.”
The film can be viewed at https://bitpixtv.com/catalog.

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