Biz4Intellia- The IoT Company Unfolds Innovation With Its Asset Monitoring Solution And Geofencing Concept

The IoT Company Unfolds Innovation with its Asset Monitoring Solution and Geofencing Concept

The IoT Company Unfolds Innovation with its Asset Monitoring Solution and Geofencing Concept

Introducing the industries to IoT-powered asset monitoring solution and geofencing concept brings a beneficial add-on to the entire production.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Biz4Intellia, one of the leading IoT solutions provider, brings its new service offerings for industries, asset monitoring, and geofencing. The company is a global leader in developing quality-rich end-to-end IoT solutions for different industrial and commercial applications.
Every industry utilizes one or more assets to develop productivity and increase ROI exponentially. Therefore, you can integrate an IoT-powered asset monitoring solution to improve the asset capabilities and their potential at significant levels.

Biz4intellia’s comprehensive platform suite, “Intellia IoT” provides end-to-end services and benefits to the users. It is an all-inclusive package, combining the latest hardware, software, and data storage facilities. It is a one-stop platform that helps resolve complex management issues and gives a better picture of what can be done to improve both productivity and profitability.

CEO & Founder of Biz4intellia- Mr. Sanjeev Verma states the importance of integrating IoT-powered asset monitoring solutions to your business. In his words, “This is the kind of solution that every industry requires. It helps enhance the equipment potential with the use of sensor devices and data-driven insights.” He also adds, “one of the fascinating things about asset monitoring is the use of the geofencing concept. It provides smart location-based services and allows you to keep a detailed eye on your assets even from remote locations.”

The “Intellia IoT asset monitoring solution” allows you to monitor the industrial assets in real-time. It uses sensor abilities to extract data and asset details like condition, the temperature required, fuel consumption pattern, etc. It is then converted into meaningful information for the users to analyze through an interactive dashboard. The information is displayed in a visual format and graphical representation that makes it easier for the managers to derive insights about the asset. It further enables them to take intelligent and informed decisions.

The IoT-powered asset monitoring solution is equipped with the latest features of geofencing, where the user can create a specific region and assign assets in the same. It allows you to create multiple regions for simplified asset management and offers assign/unassign options for the assets to be kept in whichever region you want. It further lets you gain real-time alerts about the asset’s location, condition, and other details.

The product Intellia IoT is completely packed with advanced gateways, sensors, communication protocols, and various embedded devices that work collaboratively to extract data. It is then sent on a cloud platform for further processing. You can access this data through Intellia IoT’s on-screen platform and carry analysis, generate insights, and take decisions accordingly.

About Biz4Intellia:
The “Intellia IoT asset monitoring solution” created by Biz4Intellia is revolutionizing different industrial segments. This Florida based company has always used seamless IoT choreography to develop such futuristic and intriguing solutions that support intelligent operations and help businesses to improve process execution and achieve specific business objectives. The company is continuously working on IoT technology to provide similar ground-breaking services to its clients and also help them add value to their businesses along with digitizing their end-to-end operations.

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