Black-owned label TraxStar Music Group sets sights on igniting Carolina region’s music scene

Charlotte, North Carolina production label aims to be the record label of the future

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — Queen City music producer Jeremy “J. Allen” Thomas is tired of the same old thing: raps without melodies, tired beats, and an overall lack of inspiration in modern music.

As a producer, he wants to challenge the status quo in Charlotte’s music scene by launching his own production label. With TraxStar Music Group (TMG), his vision is to redefine the Charlotte sound while launching the careers of versatile and talented emerging artists.

TMG is an independent, African-American-owned production label with Thomas serving as the company’s CEO and leading producer. His aim to be the first music producer with the ambition to start a major new label that not only produces beats and music but maintains its own roster of artists, joining other local labels like Billion Dollar Baby Ent., Social Currency Enterprises, and South Coast Music Group.

Unlike his peer labels, Thomas wants to broaden the scope of TMG’s sound beyond rap to include R&B, Pop influences.

“No other label, especially in the Carolinas, is doing what I’m doing,” he said. “There are zero R&B artists and let us not talk about pop. We want TraxStar to be the home for the best hip hop, R&B and pop and even country artists in the coastal Carolina region.”

Most producers today, Thomas said, just make and sell beats hoping to get a major placement. TMG is a small “production label” focused on creating quality demos emerging artists can use to shop to a bigger record companies. The label is built around a model to offer “shopping deals” under which TMG has a limited time of nine months to find a suitable label deal for each artist, who participate in the negotiation of each deal.

“Artist management will also be a HUGE part of TMG as well. My goals are to create a long-term successful career for the artist. A lot of my time now is spent building meaningful relationships that will further me and my artist in the future.”

“Leadership isn’t a skill or something that can be taught, leadership is a TRAIT. You either have it or you don’t…I have it”. I want to be better than my competing managers, which is why I’m currently reading and studying the book, “Artist Management for the Music Business by Paul Allen”.

Thomas built TraxStar from his own humble beginnings with a goal to skyrocket the label’s affiliate artists to the national stage. As an artist and music visionary, he said his goal is to give a leg up to the region’s best talent. Thomas’ goal is to turn TraxStar from a production label into a full record label focused on managing artists as he transitions into a mogul role.

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