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From Beaton’s to Beach Haven: A Cat Ghost Bh G

William Fortenbaugh

A book about an esoteric topic that everyone will enjoy

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The topic of racing boats sounds like a very esoteric subject, not too well-known by most people, and interesting only for some. Oftentimes, people will think that only those who actually sail or boat makers would be interested in such a topic. So it comes as a surprise that the book From Beaton’s to Beach Haven: A Cat Ghost Bh G by William W. Fortenbaugh is actually quite appealing to the average reader. Why? Because as you’ll find out, the book is not merely about a legendary racing boat, but is also a trip back in time!

William W. Fortenbaugh, affectionately called Bill by people who know him, is a true being of the sea. He has been into boats since his childhood, and actually started being involved in boating since he was eight years old. Since then, he has never stopped and has amassed experience and knowledge of boats during the many decades of his life. He is, for all intents and purposes, a chronicler of the sea and its vessels. And this book is one such chronicle, specifically about a championship boat named Ghost.

Bill’s chronicle of Ghost is chock-full of information, from beautifully worded anecdotes, to finely written technical details, to immersive photos that blends together into what can only be called a trip back in time. The reader will feel like they’re talking to the crew, the engineers, and the friends of those involved with Ghost, back to when Ghost was first built, during the races, and more. Bill has done an amazing job of bringing Ghost’s story to life for everyone to enjoy. And this story will be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, from the most dedicated boatman to the average casual reader.

This book is more than enough to make anyone feel the call of the sea. Get a copy today!

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