Bombora’s Company Surge® for Growth is an Edison Awards Nominee

Product aimed at smaller companies democratizes data, opening the door to sustainable marketing

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bombora, the leading provider of B2B Intent data, today announced that its Company Surge® for Growth product has been nominated for a 2021 Edison Award in the Applied Technology category. Winners will be announced in Spring 2021.

Company Surge® for Growth, launched in September 2019, is a concentrated version of Bombora’s popular Company Surge® product. Aimed at smaller companies seeking to accelerate growth, this iteration uses the same cooperatively sourced data to tell sales and marketing teams what content businesses are consuming across the web, rather than just their own websites. Company Surge® for Growth is suited for companies in the 100- to 1,000-employee range, giving them access to a version of that same data at an accessible price.

“Business buying has changed, as buying committees get further along their purchase journeys before engaging with sales, all while navigating a barrage of ads and unsolicited–often irrelevant–sales calls,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. “Marketers must use the data at their fingertips to deliver messages without adding to the noise. Thankfully, intent data identifies when businesses are actively researching products or services, signaling buying intent. Bombora’s Company Surge® for Growth uses intent signals to indicate when a business is consuming content on a topic significantly more than usual, creating an opportunity for sales and marketing to engage with in a meaningful way.”

Bombora has adopted a partner-first approach with the belief that it can lead to growth and a richer B2B sales and marketing ecosystem. In 2020, Bombora has added partnerships with HubSpot, RollWorks, Outreach, Engagio/Demandbase, G2, 6Sense, SalesIntel, Enlyft, Integrate, and StackAdapt, on top of existing integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, LinkedIn, Terminus, Triblio, and Everstring.

This year of activity brings the company’s total number of integrations to more than 80, while making its intent data solutions easily accessible to marketers and sales teams by working with the platforms and tools that these organizations use every day.

About the Edison Awards
The Edison Awards™ is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation.

About Bombora
Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation. With direct integrations with dozens of leading data and media-buying platforms, Bombora is building a world in which business buyers value sales and marketing for its relevance, timeliness and accuracy. To learn more, visit www.bombora.com.

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