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Drone Tours and Real Estate

Brandon Patton is a Realtor who lives in Richland Washington. He specializes in Residential Homes for Sale and make buying or selling a home easy.

Aggressive Incentives and Aggressive Results”

— Brandon Patton

RICHLAND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Covid-19 has changed the way a lot of business operate in Richland Washington. When Governor Inslee started creating restrictions on businesses and deciding what businesses could stay open and what businesses had to close, Real Estate Brokers in Tri Cities were lucky to be deemed essential employees under the Washington State Governors mandates. However, even though Brokers like Brandon Patton a Richland Realtor with Real Estate Market Leaders could conduct business it was not just business as usual. For Example, with the current Governor Mandates Brandon Patton a Richland Realtor tells us that they are not allowed to have Open Houses or let the entire family tour the home at one time. Local Real Estate brokers are enforcing wearing a mask and ask parents to view the home separately with leaving 1 parent with the children outside the home so the Realtor can take 1 person through the home at a time.

Before Covid-19 hit local communities like Richland, Real Estate Brokers would take clients to their office to discuss Residential Purchase and Sales Agreements and draft contracts. Now Real Estate brokers have started using Docu Sign and just E mailing all their contracts to clients so they can easily sign their contracts from their mobile devices using electronic signature. If you still want a Broker to walk you through the contract and explain everything it is easy to show homes and review the paperwork from the comfort of your home using a Zoom Meeting.

Using Docu Sign and Zoom meetings are not the only thing that has gained popularity during the 2020-2021 Covid 19 Pandemic. Brandon Patton says Richland Homes for Sale have a very low Inventory and a Very High Demand because people are using Real Estate Websites to browse local Real Estate Listings in Richland Washington. In fact, house prices have gone up dramatically in the year 2020 and as we approach 2021 there is no sign of Home Sales slowing down. However, Brokers are spending more time making sure their listings look good online. Brokers like Brandon Patton are using Drone Tours and advanced 3d tours like Matterport. These Marketing Techniques make sharing Real Estate Listings easy. Your Real Estate Broker can text you a You Tube link to a video tour, and you can look at all the fact about the home online from your Real Estate Brokers website. Most clients know if they want to buy the house before they show up to do their walk-through tour. After a client has viewed the home the end of the conversation is usually should I write it up or not? If the Home Buyers want to make an offer on the home then the Real Estate broker can just go home and get started on the paperwork and set up a good time to call the home buyers to review their Purchase and Sale Agreement with them over the phone.

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