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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — For years now, holiday shopping has been moving away from the physical and toward e-commerce; the outbreak of Coronavirus has only ramped up the trend. It has further put into stark relief the difference between those companies using machine learning programs to optimize customer experience and those that have not done so yet. If those companies want to stay profitable, they must adapt—quickly.

The impact of the pandemic on shopping behavior has not been uniform across demographics. Generations and genders have changed their shopping habits in different ways and certain industries have suffered—or succeeded—in the wake of lockdown orders more than others. However, businesses can meet these challenges head on using data science and machine learning programs. The new data science community, Data Hunters, offers an incredible store of CPG and retail resources for professionals of all levels.

Whether you are an expert in data science or not, big data can optimize any aspect of your business. Artificial intelligence and machine learning programs can, for example, analyze data generated by customers to create customer personas for marketers to use to either reach demographics with a demonstrated interest in their products or to reach new leads. Machine learning programs can also enable businesses to create product personalization services for their website visitors, to provide a unique service that keeps customers coming back even if they have not (yet) purchased anything from you.

Alternatively, if your enterprise needs guidance or help with monitoring social media to ensure that their target audience feels positively toward them, Data Hunters can help you either create a brand health monitoring program or point you toward a company that can set up and maintain one for you. Or, if your brand’s perception is already suffering, the community at Data Hunters can help you use data to navigate a PR crisis.

But more than streamlining established business processes, data science also helps companies create customer experiences with the latest technology. At Data Hunters, you can learn how to create a 3-D virtual reality shopping experience, allowing customers to browse your store from their home as if they were there in person—with attentive store assistants and everything they want in their size and preferred color.

Business people with no data science background may be hesitant to join a site focused on data science. But, no matter whether you are a CEO, salesperson, or ad campaign writer, rest assured that big data solutions are available to you, too. Further, many data providers reviewed on the site offer highly user-friendly services.

Experienced data scientists will also find that Data Hunters has a lot to offer them. The site has an active community of data scientists discussing external data sources for machine learning projects.

In short, Data Hunters has an active community of professionals answering questions, discussing big data, and helping newcomers. It also offers a wealth of resources on data categories and use cases as well as a catalogue of nearly two thousand data providers (and nearly twice as many data sets) for review. Whatever your need or interest this holiday season, Data Hunters can help.

Signing up and joining the discussions at Data Hunters is free—though it’s not required if you only want to read about Retail and Commerce Data or use cases.

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