Bridging East and West: GAWOONI.GAMES successfully launched

GAWOONI PLC Gaming Portal GAWOONI.GAMES offers a wide range of PC Games and Browser Games


GAWOONI PLC launched successfully its international gaming portal GAWOONI.GAMES with a special focus on Southeast Asia and India

Local marketing is the key to games success in Southeast Asia and India. GAWOONI PLC is operating with local marketing teams and therefore well positioned in these fast growing games markets.”

— Frank Holz, CEO at GAWOONI PLC

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, July 15, 2021 / — GAWOONI PLC has successfully launched its games portal GAWOONI.GAMES, the company announced today. GAWOONI PLC is an international game developer and game publisher focusing on digital emerging markets.

The games portal GAWOONI.GAMES is operated in over 20 languages and offers players DRM-FREE PC games and browser games. The portal positions itself as a bridge between East and West. Special marketing focus is placed on the digital emerging markets of Southeast Asia and India. No other western publisher has this focus and that makes GAWOONI PLC unique in the international games market.

GAWOONI PLC is currently experiencing high demand from independent game developers who see the games portal GAWOONI.GAMES as an opportunity to expand the digital distribution of their products into interesting new regions.

GAWOONI PLC is managed by games veteran Frank Holz and financial expert Michael Beekmann.

Frank Holz, CEO at GAWOONI PLC has been working intensively in Southeast Asia since 2010, advising local governments on how to build up the local games industry. His experience and network is the basis for successful positioning as a bridge in the games market between East and West. Cultural differences between Southeast Asia, India and the West make it difficult for western games companies to reach these important markets. Meanwhile, game developers from Southeast Asia and India lack the visibility to be noticed in Europe and the USA. GAWOONI PLC acts as a bridge, connecting these two regions of the global games industry, to the benefit of both sides. The games portal GAWOONI.GAMES is the publishing tool for it.

Frank Holz
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