Business Reporter: Re-engineering recruitment and on-boarding

Background checks present unexpected opportunity for employers seeking competitive advantage

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 9, 2021 / — In an article published on Business Reporter, Heather Driggs, Director of Marketing at Asurint, a leader in the background check space, describes how competition for talent is transforming recruitment and on-boarding as the economy emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Forward-looking organisations are aggressively optimising to reduce manual tasks, drive efficiencies and boost hiring success.”

The struggle to find the best candidates has created competitive advantage in an unexpected place – background checks. By automating pre-employment background screenings, organisations can fill positions rapidly with the right candidates, while freeing HR personnel from routine administrative tasks.

The less time HR professionals spend obtaining background reports, the more attention they can devote to individually assessing candidates. If a background check reveals a criminal record, for example, HR managers can dig deeper to determine if the issue is relevant to the position and whether it should affect the hiring decision.

Businesses cannot afford to rule out candidates based on incorrect information. Pre-employment screening providers play an important role by assembling data resources and applying quality assurance measures to deliver highly accurate results.

On-boarding speed is also a key factor. Asurint CRO Courtny Cloeter explains how background search technology accelerates the process. “Everything is seamless. Instead of taking two or three days to get a background report, it takes half a day because of the automation”. In today’s job market, a faster background check can be the difference between securing a top hire or allowing the candidate to be enticed away by a competitor.

To learn more about re-engineering recruitment, read the article.

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