Business Scalability Expert, T. Reneé Smith Releases a New Book to Help Debunk Surviving Business & Finding Life Harmony

T. Reneé Smith

The CEO Life: A Holistic Blueprint to Scale Your Business and Life, is generating great interest among small business owners looking for all-around success.

ATLANTA, GA, June 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Already well-known as the #1 Trusted Business Playbook for ambitious CEOs, the lifesaving book for entrepreneurs is released to a marketplace of business people ready to adopt successful business strategies.

Written to up the ante on brand strategy, while also offering advice about living happy lives for small business owners, strategist extraordinaire, T. Reneé Smith changes the ground rules. In The CEO Life: A Holistic Blueprint to Scale Your Business and Life, she takes her twenty-five years of experience and confidently shows her readers how scalability is ripe for the picking, both in their business and personal lives. In other words, entrepreneurs can have it all!

T. Reneé Smith uses the CEO Life® B.U.I.L.D. Framework in her book to prove how it can be done. Her excellent advice comes in steps that help overworked entrepreneurs become prosperous business owners and, wait for it, contented family members. How so? This is achieved with what she calls the unfiltered, nitty-gritty truth about work/life and harmony/integration. Is anyone ready to ditch the mere survival process and ready to give thriving in business and family life a bearhug?

Being an immersed CEO nearly cost T. Reneé Smith her marriage. The author says, “As entrepreneurs, we have more than just the ‘or’ option in life. We are often trained to think that we can either have success in our business or success in our personal lives, but not both. But both are achievable when we use a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, the right business team, and an effective strategy. I believe there’s no either/or option. I want readers to stop working in their businesses and start working on them. There’s a big difference there. That difference will grow your business and keep your family together at the same time.”

The book’s CEO Life® B.U.I.L.D. Framework gives readers a jumping-off point. Its key components are Business Strategy, Unique Branding, Integrated Marketing and Sales, Leveraged Systems, and Decisive Leadership.

In the first chapter, the author takes a deep dive into the CEO struggle, the need for intentional living, and the resolve to execute, despite the fear which often holds business startup owners back. In chapters two through seven, she’s off and running with points like achieving an accelerated growth strategy, the psychology of sales, negotiation, diversified marketing, and self-leadership. Additionally, you get to learn more about creative diversity and inclusion, and numerous other dynamic business topics.

Packed full of strategies, the book also teaches entrepreneurs the following:

• Maintaining the clarity of purpose held at the launch throughout every phase of the business
• Streamlining strategy and scalability to ensure sustainable success
• Leveraging social media by learning the seven ‘P’s of Marketing
• Avoiding the five most common branding mistakes
• Learning the tried-and-tested sales psychology strategies that help close deals and win bids
• Avoiding burnout by making the right hires and knowing when to delegate
• Learning all the powerful leadership technique
• Encouraging employee productivity

Find more information about the book at: https://theceo.life.

About T. Reneé Smith:
T. Renee Smith is a respected entrepreneur known for her support of small business owners and high-level management. Her proven strategies are showcased in her business training courses, ensuring business growth success for hundreds of small businesses. Smith is President and CEO of iSuccess Consulting Inc. and has 25-years of experience in corporate strategy, supplier, and leadership development.

Known as the “Business Scalability Expert,” T. Reneé Smith started her first business at the age of nineteen. At the time, she had no business plan, no experience, and no credit, meaning that her initial effort faced a rather steep uphill climb. It was a hard lesson, but she is a fast learner.

Today, the serial entrepreneur’s boutique business consulting firm has assisted numerous small businesses to obtain more than $30 million in traditional and non-traditional funding capital. These are in a wide range of industries, including consulting, construction, marketing, entertainment, and technology.

Having found her work/life harmony, T. Reneé Smith runs her successful business, is a wife and mother of three children.

T. Renee’ Smith
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