ByteDance is Talking With the U.S. Government About Ways to Avoid a Full Sale of TikTok

ByteDance said in a statement that its purchase of TikTok at the beginning of April — and its subsequent announcement that it was considering a “sale or merger” — was to “focus on TikTok’s business as the platform and creator space continues to develop, allow the company to maintain its position in its target markets,” and keep the TikTok platform open to creators and “to maintain TikTok’s global appeal.”

TikTok, a network of some 300,000 full-length videos, is popular globally but has faced some setbacks, including changes to its main YouTube credit card program that have made paying for videos more complicated.

Twitch would make a perfect fit for TikTok, as the company has shown that its pivot toward entertainment by adding video subscriptions has paid off. As it has already started to offer subscriptions on the main Twitch service, Twitter could sell its ad-supported Periscope for a similar reason.

But Twitter has a wide range of operating expenses and would require an experienced buyer with the capability to take the company forward. Twittersand notably did not sell anything last year.

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