California Online ‘Sports Bridge’ Connects Parents and Youth Sports Coaches

Sports Bridge

Sports Bridge

Sports Bridge Teams

Sports Bridge Teams

‘Recruiting is a big task, all coaches need to recruit players, it’s constantly changing and evolving, keeping that roster fresh is so important.””

— Britt Hildebrand, Co-founder

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 / — California Online ‘Sports Bridge’ Connects Parents and Youth Sports Coaches Launches August 2021

According to the Department of Health playing sports is not only good for a child’s physical development but sports develop confidence, competence and builds self-esteem. That is why more than 45 million kids playing sports in America need the right influences to help them reach their potential. Most parents are overwhelmed with how to connect their kids with the right coach for their specific skill set but one dynamic new interface changes all of that. Introducing Sports Bridge an interactive resource for parents and coaches alike.

The Aspen Institute’s Project Play adds there are 6.5 million youth sports coaches throughout the U.S. and Sports Bridge is the solution parents all over the country have been waiting for. According to co-founder Ben Knights “Parents with the help of useful filters, have the ease to simply search for what they are looking for not what Google thinks they might be interested in, or what the Facebook algorithm deems useful for them. With Sports Bridge, parents can truly do their due diligence on teams they are interested in before enquiring about a tryout. They can even open a side-by-side comparison view of up to three teams for at-a-glance viewing.”

Parents are raving about this time-saving technology like Carol from Long Beach who says “Sports Bridge helped me find my little girl a team that she loves! It saved me so much time not having to go through tons of websites to get basic information.” Now with Sports Bridge, everything you need to know is at the click of your mouse in a fresh, clean display cutting through the clutter of endless mounds of unrelated data. Gone are the days where teams and coaching information are buried on obscure pages. With Sports Bridge’s impressive technology, parents simply search for the type of sports team, location, or coach they are looking for, and in moments the system populates their requests with nearby selections. This revolutionary tool is the brainchild of co-founder Ben Knights who wanted an online platform for parents and coaches to communicate without the distractions of unnecessary information or the pull of Google’s algorithm. On Sports Bridge parents can browse top teams recruiting players and find the right match for their child’s skill set. Coaches are highlighted with a clean profile explaining their background, licenses, coaching style, and team availability. Each coach has a video presentation so parents can get a three-dimensional view of the coach that goes beyond a few words on a profile. Knights provides a deep dive into their abilities and all with a few taps on the keyboard.

According to Sports Bridge co-founder and current CDA Slammers Coach, Britt Hildebrand ‘Recruiting is a big task, all coaches need to recruit players, players in the youth world move on to High School or want to move up a flight, it’s constantly changing and evolving, keeping that roster fresh is so important.” Hildebrand aims to marry the needs of parents and coaches in an effortless online platform so kids can get on with playing sports. Weeding out the internet noise and lowering the stress factor for parents is what Sports Bridge does best. The application was designed by coaches for coaches. This team of seasoned sports nuts knows all too well the difficulties of recruiting the right fit and through Sports Bridge coaches can create a customized ask to get eyes on their team vacancies.

Hildebrand an all-around sports enthusiast with a passion for team building says it is their mission “to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical sporting worlds.”

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