Cancer Survivor Shares Journey of Healing, Finding True Calling

Cancer's Greatest Gift

Cancer’s Greatest Gift

Pargash Giorgi

Pargash Giorgi

“Cancer’s Greatest Gift” conveys Pargash Giorgi’s inspiring and life-changing realizations

It is now time to step into our true nature which is pure love…”

— Pargash Giorgi

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, December 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When life presented Pargash Giorgi a health challenge, the ordeal and struggle to survive as well as the process of recovery led her to profound realizations in life. She says it awakened her true calling, namely to help humanity experience the one infinite creator. Now she shares “Cancer’s Greatest Gift” to readers everywhere so that they too can find their true selves and build their ideal lives.

Giorgi’s book offers holistic models of awakening one’s true self. She shares how her experience of living unconsciously and blaming external circumstances prevented her from finding her true nature. She reveals that most people are not aware of hidden realities, which causes imbalances in their lives and in the bigger picture as well. So she strives to help wake people up, to show them the truth that they have been programmed to live in a limited way. With this realization they can then transcend these limits and improve their lives.

“It is now time to step into our true nature which is pure love,” Giorgi says. “As we become open-minded and receptive to new ways of being, we learn to reconnect to our Source, and allow this innate intelligence to heal through alchemization of dense, darker energies to higher frequencies of light.”

She discusses 7 keys to attain optimal health and debunks what she calls myths perpetuated by vested interests with their own agendas. To her readers, she has the following message: “I would remind them that they are the creators of their true reality. Who they truly are is more than physical – they are metaphysical : beyond their programmed self in the 3D. And they have the power to reprogram themselves and live the life of their dreams in this chapter of their life.”

At present, the book is going through a second edition.

About the Author
According to Pargash Giorgi she is a “starseed” who chose to come to earth to help with humanity’s ascension in this chapter of her life. She was born and raised in Malaysia where she taught at various schools. When teaching at schools became unfulfilling she decided to do her MA in Modern Languages and soon after migrated to Australia where she earned a PhD in Linguistics. Life then presented her with a health challenge to awaken her to her true calling – to help humanity experience the one infinite creator.

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