Careful Selection of a Luxury Builder Can Avoid Construction Pitfalls

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Renaissance man/construction guru shares tips to protect your investment. Crafting a home with care & attention is “a radical idea” in construction world.

The idea that every home is a work of art and should be crafted with care and attention is unfortunately a radical idea in construction. At our company it’s par for the course.”

— Keith M. Webster

ASPEN, CO, USA, June 3, 2021 / — Aspen Colo…Aspen Colo…A limited supply of homes and land coupled with the sky-rocketing cost of lumber have led to important decisions in the luxury home-building market in Aspen, Colorado. As in other desirable resort communities, the Aspen housing market has been shaped by the COVID-fueled urban exodus as wealthy urbanites snapped up properties quickly, especially in the second half of 2020. The average home price in Aspen, Colorado hit $11 million in 2020 vs. $7.4 million in 2019. To protect their investment, owners who are building or remodeling are wise to be picky when selecting a contractor – one with attention to detail and budget.

Custom luxury builders like Keith M. Webster Construction are increasingly working on extensive remodels rather than just new custom home builds. To assure that your money is well spent, it’s worth considering a few ways to pick your builder.

Webster is “old-school” in his philosophy that creating an open and honest personal relationship with a client is the first step. Getting it right starts there and applies to all projects, whether a high end remodel, complete rebuild, historic home restoration or a custom luxury home.

“The idea that every home is a work of art and should be crafted with care and attention is unfortunately a radical idea in construction. At our company it’s par for the course,” says Webster. Getting it right starts with developing an open and honest personal relationship with the owner.

Here are a few more tips that Webster and his company practice to create a successful venture:
• At the forefront – teamwork and communication
• Strong collaboration between the clients, design team and construction principals from the very beginning so that all parties are involved through every stage of the process
• Honesty with clients about whether their budget can handle some of the architect’s designs
• Carefully watching the budget every step of the way
• Precision craftsmanship
• No instructions mangled as they move down a long chain of command
• No unattended subcontractors “just doing what the plans say”
• No delays because the contractor is busy on another site
• Personalized service
• No endless layers of bureaucracy wasting money that should go into your home
• Assuring high-quality craftsmanship

Keith M. Webster Construction offers pre-construction services, as well. “We’ll price everything out ahead of time so you don’t end up with a design that is out of your budget. We work with architects and designers to make sure our clients’ ideas are financially feasible. If the plan is beyond their budget, we’ll help scale it back. One of our main tasks is expectation management.”

Webster’s clients receive personal attention from the owner; they spend a great deal of time them. “This approach guarantees that the end result is truly what our client’s want,” says Webster.

After over 45 years in the luxury custom home building industry, Keith M Webster Construction, with offices in Aspen, CO and Napa, CA, is distinguished from the competition. Perhaps it’s his multi-faceted past that has makes the difference.

Keith began his career raising, training and selling Arabian horses, was trained as a professional chef at the Culinary Institute of America, raced sailboats competitively, was a competitive sporting clays shooter, and spent time as a professional artist in New York City, showing his work at a gallery in SOHO in NYC. He also created and was the wine maker for a successful Napa Valley wine brand for ten years.

“These myriad experiences gave me an attention to detail and a sense of artisanship and craftsmanship that I carry into my work with clients,” said Keith Webster. “We don’t just slap things together,” says Keith. “I love anything that requires incredible precision. We’re there to make sure every joint, screw, tile and shingle is exactly the way it should be. There are no unattended subcontractors ‘just doing what the plans say.’ ”

Webster, whose experiences span nearly five decades, has built contemporary, luxury custom homes, mountain retreats and traditional period homes, and has completed multiple, extensive, whole-house remodels of homes and kitchens. Webster has specific expertise in renovating historical structures with the knowledge of how to work with Historic Preservation Commissions.

Keith Webster Construction can be reached at 970-618-3887 or via their website

For more than 40 years, Keith Webster has been creating exceptional surroundings for some of the most demanding clientele in locations including the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado, the Napa Valley in California, the beaches of the Texas Gulf Coast and the Cayman Islands. His method of working closely with the client and the design team throughout the project has rewarded his clients with stunning projects his clients can be pleased to call home. Keith believes communication is key to the success of any relationship.

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