Celebrity Dog Trainer Ryan Matthews Shares Tips on Managing Separation Anxiety in Dogs Post COVID-19 Reopening

One of the nation’s top celebrity dog trainers has issued a variety of tips to help with an expected spike in dog separation anxiety.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to a recent survey, more than 25 percent of dog owners expect post-COVID separation anxiety leaving pets to return to work. That’s why celebrity dog trainer and combat veteran Ryan Matthews has shared tips on managing separation anxiety in dogs post COVID-19 reopening.

The survey concluded that as people return to work and life outside the home after this period of constant connection, their pets may be at risk for developing or displaying signs of separation anxiety and distress.

“Many dogs will begin destroying people’s homes because of separation anxiety now that pet owners are getting back to work and out of the house,” said Matthews, founder, CEO, and spokesperson for World of Dog Training. “In an effort to help, I am providing tips for managing separation anxiety in dogs.”

Matthews’ decision to provide tips for separation anxiety in dogs could prove to perfect timing. According to The New York Times, a new poll suggests that the United States could be on track to vaccinate at least 70 percent of the adult population against Covid-19 by this summer. This means that as more people are vaccinated, more people will return to in-person work, which increases the risk of separation anxiety in dogs.

Matthews pointed out that while the nation and world were quarantined over the past year, many people purchased dogs or adopted them from shelters.

“With stay-at-home orders in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, people didn’t leave their home too often,” Matthews said before adding, “As a result, the dog became conditioned to always having the person there. In addition, people likely didn’t train or practice having their dog being away from them.”

Separation anxiety, according to Matthews, can be dangerous for the dog, resulting in injuring itself, trying to escape from its kennel, breaking out of the backyard, and possibly getting hit by a car.

“Dog owners may notice their dog displaying behavior such as chewing, eating, or destroying objects that aren’t safe for them to ingest,” Matthews said.

As a solution, Matthews revealed what owners can do:

1. Feed your dog in a crate and put him/her in there at random, including when you are home.

2. Provide plenty of exercises prior to leaving your dog in a crate/kennel.

3. Play calm music whether your dog is in or out of the crate.

4. Try CBD to calm your dog, and be sure to give it to your dog twice a day with food. We recommend Peace Of Mind CBD products.

5. If your dog is in a kennel, cover the kennel with a blanket.

6. Practice leaving the house for a few seconds and gradually build up the duration, as your dog can tolerate it.

7. Do not make it a big deal when you leave or come home; otherwise, you are promoting the dog’s excessive-high energy and anxiety.

In addition to sharing tips on managing separation anxiety in dogs post COVID-19 reopening, earlier this year, Matthews changed his mission from protecting world leaders to keeping the world safe with his upcoming COVID-19 detection dogs program.

“I’m leveraging the same skills I learned to train elite Army dogs,” Matthews said. He graduated from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, in 2002, becoming a certified Military Working Dog Handler.

Matthews, also a former combat K-9 handler – an alumnus of the Wounded Warrior Project and a volunteer for the Youth Motivational Speaker Taskforce and The Mission Continues, explained that anyone interested in his services can schedule a call today (https://bookme.name/ryanmatthews).

For more information about Ryan Matthews, please visit http://ryanmatthews.com/ and https://www.worldofdogtraining.com/about-us/.


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