CelerPurus Mask and Personal Item Decontamination Device Cleared for Commercial Launch

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CelerPurus offers an innovative, safe, and effective mask and personal item decontamination device for hospitals, clinics and a range of business environments

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, July 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — CelerPurus, a leader in decontamination devices, has announced today that its core product is now available in the United States. After a successful pilot phase across a range of commercial environments, CelerPurus is accelerating its market roll-out into hospitals, clinics, hotels, retail, commercial buildings and other locations to help protect customers, employees, guests, and patients from the ever-present threat of communicable diseases.

This novel, patent-pending design reaches and decontaminates 100% of the surface area of items including masks, phones, keycards, badges and other items placed properly within its chamber. The device has been thoroughly verified with its latest third-party study confirming its technology deactivates 100% of pathogens found on non-porous items such as mobile phones, badges, and keycards. The decontamination cycle time for non-porous items like these is 15 seconds while the time for masks is 60 seconds.

Dr. Jacob Scott, co-inventor of the CelerPurus product and the chief scientific advisor: “Over the last year, I’ve seen friends, family, and colleagues struggle with a shortage of critical safety equipment needed to prevent the spread of pathogens. I am proud to say we are now able to provide a device to help address this problem and offer a broader health and safety solution applicable in a wide range of consumer environments. It could not come at a more critical time.”

In addition, recent studies have estimated that an astonishing 129 billion face masks are used every month across the world. Most of these are disposable masks made with plastic microfibers that are harmful to the earth. The environmentally sound CelerPurus device allows users to safely decontaminate and re-use N95 and otherwise disposable masks more than 30 times with no impact on the fit or function of the mask.

Peter Menges, board member, investor, and advisor for CelerPurus: “We are incredibly excited to help businesses enhance their customer and employee experience and safety, whether it’s in a doctor’s office, a hospital waiting room, a hotel lobby or in an office building. Users of our device have expressed genuine appreciation for a simple and accessible way to improve their well being and increase their protection against disease.”

About CelerPurus

CelerPurus was developed when Dr. Scott, leader of the Theory Division at the Cleveland Clinic, identified a need in March 2020 at the on-set of the Covid crisis. He had the vision to apply UVGI decontamination technology with a unique point-of-care solution combined with a novel 60-second decontamination application. He collaborated with engineer Ian Charnas of the Sears think[box] at Case Western Reserve University, and created the initial prototype that was transformed into an innovative and scalable solution for hospitals and businesses to use for the decontamination of masks and a range of personal items. For more information, visit www.celerpurus.com.

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