CEOs of Big Tech Companies ‘Powerless to Fix Censorship, Data Abuse’ Concerns: Moazed

MacUser From China, August 4, 2020 at 4:59 AM FYI Proton doesn’t work in China. I am using another free VPN. Even a paid VPN service that I have doesn’t work. I would rather have access to some of the services then none at all. Google made a mistake by completely withdrawing. By completely withdrawing you miss a chance to state your side of the argument, which will gradually lead to a better understanding. 

John Sniadowski, a systems architect based in the United Kingdom, wrote, “It is proving very difficult to regulate multinational corporations because of the variety of different national government agendas. A globally enacted set of rules to control multinationals is unlikely to happen because some sovereign states have very illiberal and hierarchical control over agendas and see technology.

American tech giants have long engaged in abusive behavior which is designed to stifle dissent and competition, and perpetuate their market dominance. We know this because we have quietly tolerated this exploitation for years. And like many others, we have long hesitated to speak out for fear that these tech giants may abuse their market dominance to destroy all who dare to stand up against them.

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