CHEMSYSPRO – Liquiguard Announces A unique DIY Coatings System For The Protection Of Vehicles Offering Chemical Services

Chemical System For Corrosion Protection

Protective Topcoat

Galvanic Corrosion Protection

DIY Coatings Corrosion Protection And Restoration For Vehicles Providing Chemical Services Such As Swimming Pool Maintenance, Fertilizing And Pest Control.

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ —

CHEMSYSPRO – Protection For Vehicles Providing Swimming Pool And Other Chemical Services

DIY Protection And Repair For Swimming Pool Maintenance, Fertilizing, Pest Control, And Other Chemical Services Vehicles

Liquiguard Technologies, announces a DIY (Do It Yourself), eco bio-friendly, easy to use, durable protection and repair for service vehicles providing pool maintenance, pest control and other chemical services to homeowners and businesses. CHEMSYSPRO system others a range of cost effective treatments and coatings that effectively prevent corrosion and chemical damage to new vehicles, and the ability to repair and prevent ongoing deterioration to vehicles that have already sustained damage. This can now be achieved at huge cost and time savings, protecting the investment in the service vehicle and preventing loss of
income due to down time.

Swimming pool service, pest control and similar service vehicles transport corrosive chemicals as part of the
service they provide. The damage to the vehicle caused by unavoidable leaks and spills includes ruined paint
and physical breakdown from corrosion that eats away at the metal. This irreversible property damage causes
loss of asset value and in severe cases may also lead to inability to service paying accounts. Neither aspect is
good for business.

CHEMSYSPRO includes a group of coatings that can be used selectively, to protect service vehicles from damage
to the new truck bed and chassis. The clear, or pigmented coating will provide protection from chemical spills,
and related damage for a period of 5 plus years. If the vehicle has already sustained damage, CHEMSYSPRO offers
solutions that will stop further corrosion and protect against future damage.

CHEMSYSPRO system consists of several products including:
CSP-100, a clear or pigmented, textured topcoat with outstanding chemical, weather and wear resistance.
CSP-100 is an impermeable coating that will not permit liquids or vapor to pass through it and can also be used
in fully submerged conditions. It has a textured surface that helps stabilize the cargo and prevent slip and fall
accidents. It is ideally suited for application on new surfaces before they get damaged with chemical exposure.
CSP-200 is based on the same polymer matrix as kps-100, and formulated with cutting edge corrosion prevention additives. Recommended application areas are cargo area side walls, tailgates, tonneau covers, etc. that may face accidental chemical exposure.

CSP-300, is a black, rubberized top coat that can be used on the cargo deck or undercarriage as an added protective layer. A couple of layers of CSP-300 will also provide chemical protection and oer sound deadening effect. CSP-400, is a proprietary corrosion treatment that stops the growth of rust and stabilizes the existing rusted surface enabling it to receive corrosion protection coatings such as CSP-200 or CSP-500. CSP-500 is a zinc-rich compound that uses several corrosion protection technologies, including nanotechnology to provide galvanic corrosion protection, similar to the protection provided via hot dip galvanizing. Unlike
hot-dip galvanizing, CSP-500 does not require the target steel surface to be rust free or cleaned to a white metal state. It
will provide long-lasting corrosion protection when applied over CSP-400 stabilized surfaces.

Depending on the protection required a combination of one or more of the above coatings may be used to
achieve the desired long term protection. CHEMSYSPRO products are packaged in pint, quart and gallon sizes to
accommodate the specific job size, limiting cost and waste. CHEMSYSPRO coating products can be applied by
brushing, rolling or spraying..

At present CHEMSYSPRO coatings are available directly from Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. for immediate
purchase. Liquiguard is also in discussions with national and regional wholesale pool and chemical supply companies to make the products easily available to regional service providers.

Liquiguard is currently accepting inquiries from individuals and companies that wish to become fully trained applicators and obtain regional distribution rights for CHEMSYSPRO applications. Hands on training will be provided at our facility along with necessary product literature and marketing materials. Currently, there is no other CHEMSYSPRO comparable system being offered. Given the enormous number of pool, pest control, fertilizer application service vehicles in use and being compromised, we expect a substantial demand for the CHEMSYSPRO protective coating products.

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