Chicago Businesswoman Celebrates Authors and Creatives When It Is Needed Most

Media Queens is giving power back to authors and artists alike.

Media Queens is disrupting the publishing industry and giving hope to aspiring artists and authors.

Chicago-based innovator, Julie Lokun, continues facilitating the dreams of men and women worldwide. Lokun celebrates the prolific voices of upcoming authors

CHICAGO, IL, USA, February 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the middle of a global pandemic, when the book publishing business has come to a creeping crawl, a Chicago woman is making artists’ dreams come true. Julie Lokun, the owner of Crown and Compass Coaching, has recently added Media Queens Publishing to her list of entrepreneurial accomplishments. Lokun has teamed up with writer/editor Nicole Easton to celebrate authors and creatives who Empower, Educate and Entertain. They are shining a bright light on up-and-coming artists. In their first month, they have launched two titles and have two more books releasing before the end of March.

Media Queens Publishing embraces the traditional publishing model, working one-on-one with its authors to bring manuscripts to life. Lokun states, “We understand the frustrations of creatives and authors. This community of talent pours their hearts into their work to meet with a financially depressed industry that is hyper-competitive. Brilliance is being lost-when authors, in particular, are getting rejection after rejection. The objective of Media Queens is to elevate the talent of authors and creatives, then present their works to the world. We accept proposals that align with our mission of growth and positivity and celebrate humans on the verge of change.”

Lokun is proud to announce that she has assembled a dream team that brings an eclectic voice to her innovative positioning. “I have brought together female professionals that understand many different points of view. These women embody cross-sections of America. Their perspectives include those of women of all ages, from different ethnic, and social-economic, backgrounds.” The overarching mission of Media Queens is to revitalize the publishing industry and give aspiring artists and authors the opportunity to share their compelling work.

Lokun holds a Juris Doctorate in law, a Masters Certification in Coaching, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Easton has a degree in Education with a minor in Journalism and is an award-winning Middle Eastern Dancer. Joining Lokun and Easton in their quest is a diverse team, including Content Collaborators nutritionist Tia Morell and award-winning baker and Life Coach Mika Altidor. Therapist, Tristin Hodges, is the team’s mental health advisor. Another notable creative is Krisie De Vera, who lends her talent for graphic design and photography. Social Media Maven, Nicole Gonchar’s background encapsulates youth, innovation, and psychological marketing know-how.

You can join their official launch party on Facebook Live on February 24th at 7:30 pm EST on their page Media Queens Publishing. You can also find the Queens on Instagram @mediaqueens_ publishinghouse. To learn more about the Media Queens, go to https://www.crownandcompasslifecoaching.com/cc-publishing-house

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