Chicago Schools Set to Start Year With No in-Person Classes

While many (possibly many) parents feel their children are only “safe” in the classroom, thanks to their technology there is no more-than-necessary need for this stated opinion. Parents, as always, are looking for a safe education for their children. Not having to travel to their schools, especially if that is on a certain day, or week, never hurts.

This, however, is not being utilized in Chicago, as Chicago Public Schools have a plan to move everything to online. Yes, that is including in-person classes, which, therefore, defeats the purpose of being at your child’s school. How they have finally arrived at the decision is due to the fact that the district, due to a lack of funding, cannot afford to buy expensive computing equipment. The district has been scrambling to find a way to make sure students at the subpar schools, or those attending under-funded schools, can still get a quality education. The decision to make the move to online only classes, however, doesn’t even make much sense.

The issue in Chicago is that, yes, in-person classes, as provided by the district, are cheaper for parents than online classes. This is due to the fact that online classes are usually more expensive to complete than in-person classes. The reasoning being that, on top of the fact that the state needs to offer a package package package of funding to educate children from certain areas, it would be more difficult to entice these public school kids into accepting this online, far less fulfilling learning experience.

Many wonder how online classes will be different from in-person classes. Well, the simple answer is that classes are virtually self-paced, which is great for many students. Students can sign up and read everything, but take a class at their own pace. There isn’t an instructor to provide lectures, homework assignments, and written tests for them to complete.

Online classrooms also happen to be less efficient when compared to students in-person classes. In-person students have conversations with each other and discuss topics to have better knowledge in a course. The online classes that exist are similar, although not quite as thorough and in-depth as in-person classes. This means, although there is plenty of research to prove this, that students who enrolled online in these less exciting classes don’t make the same amount of progress.

However, the issue here is, as mentioned, it takes very little time to learn everything on an online course. There is no need to go to your digital textbook when it’s available online. There are no mistakes to address, either, as many online courses that are available have automatic tests to do the testing for the students. And on top of all of this, you don’t have to deal with other concerns such as figuring out late fees, dealing with a complete loss of balance in a banking account, time off for medical reasons, and people asking for money and personal favors.

All of these factors make online learning better and more convenient. In addition, when compared to the hard work necessary for in-person classes, students who complete in-person classes must go all over their school neighborhoods to get information to follow instructions. If you need to take a class, there are checklists that must be fulfilled. Students in-person who need to avoid an obstacle or practice an activity need to pass it quickly, before moving on to another activity. This is not the case with online classes, where students can, by doings them online, meet their goals quickly and without a fuss. You don’t need to worry about transportation time to and from class, as it is provided to you automatically. If you need to speak with your teacher, you simply need to be online to access the available phones for virtual technology, or if you prefer a school-based phone line.

The important issue here is that in-person classes are valuable to the students, teachers, parents, and even the school itself. Though they may be more expensive, it is expected that families will work as hard as they do to provide a strong education for their children. The fact that parents in Chicago are sending their children away from these in-person classes only prove the school needs to better allocate its finances, by giving the proper funding to the schools and offering a package package of funding, to educate its students.

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