Child Pornography Racket Busted In Kerala; 41 Including IT Professionals Held

Kerala State Police arrested 41 people, including Indian Information Technology professionals, allegedly involved in the trade of child pornography. According to Indian Express, the police recovered an estimate of 2.5 lakh Indian rupees (about $40,000) worth of child pornography, as well as 512 videos.

India has seen a rise in child porn use and trafficking, due in part to the ease with which those involved could access the material from the Internet. For example, using some of the latest software, even a hacker can get one up and running without the aid of any remote servers. We recently reported on a child porn website that has apparently been operational since February of this year. Many users apparently operate without even realizing they’re running a child porn website.

As of now, there’s no indication that these arrests were connected to any of the recent calls for stricter regulation of the Indian internet, where providers of online services often do little more than scramble to do what they can to get around legislation that asks nothing of them and is far too broad. For instance, the restrictions in India that forbid such businesses from using encryption would indeed be an effective strategy in the fight against child porn.

As we’ve written, one of the most effective means of fighting child porn is just to not have the content in the first place. The Internet is a great engine for innovation, but if its users are using it to trade in images of children being raped and abused, it’s also a hellish place to be.

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