CHLORINE PLUS Rescues Pool Industry With 1+ Million Gallon Capacity

MINLOX Chemical Co. announces its ability to produce 1+ million gallons of Chlorine Plus – a new and improved chlorine for pool/spa treatments.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 28, 2021 / — MINLOX Chemical Co. based out of Newport Beach, CA has boosted its ability to produce 1+ million gallons of Chlorine+…their proprietary pool chemical. Chlorine+ is a new and improved version of regular chlorine. It comes in liquid, concentrate form and performs multiple functions, simultaneously. Since 2011, MINLOX has been treating other waters such as Municipal Drinking & Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater and Farm Water. The decision was made in 2020 to make Pool/Spa water a focus and the name Chlorine Plus (+) was born.

Chlorine+ is the perfect name because its non-patented formula consists of a chlorine compound, a proprietary catalyst and oxygen from water. With these ingredients combined, you get a “standalone chemical” capable of disinfecting pools & spas successfully. The old way of using multiple chemicals (one for each purpose) is outdated as you now have a new way (similar to a smartphone) which is an All-In-One application.

“We had no indication of a chlorine shortage coming last year. Nevertheless, Chlorine+ is an improvement over regular chlorine and other pool chemicals. It will revolutionize the way we clean and disinfect pools from now on.” say MINLOX president, Wes Glenn. Chlorine+ comes in concentrate form and when mixed with water…makes a solution that costs about $2 per gallon. In addition, the Chlorine+ concentrate can be used as a “shock” for pools & spas that are in rough shape. Concentrate pricing ranges from $35 – $25 per gallon depending on volume.

With multiple locations around the world, MINLOX’s U.S. locations are in Stockton, CA; Fort Smith, AR; Beaumont, TX and Longwood, FL. Its Canada location is in Calgary, Alberta. Each location is capable of producing 1+ million gallons of Chlorine+ per month. There is no shortage issues with the formula they use. Pool Service Cos. in need of a dependable disinfectant, should contact our MINLOX HQ and request Chlorine+, which can be delivered in +/- one week. For further information, visit their site at

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