Civicom Announces Strategic Acquisition of Financial Engagement Solutions Provider, Fugent

Civicom Acquires Fugent

Global technology-based solutions provider Civicom has acquired insight and engagement platform Fugent to complement its voice-to-CRM service Hey DAN.

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Civicom, global provider of technology-based solutions, today announced its acquisition of insight and engagement platform Fugent to complement one of its existing divisions, premium voice-to-CRM service Hey DAN. Together, Fugent and Hey DAN represent a comprehensive set of sales enablement tools that address administrative pain points of financial service professionals across a wide variety of roles.

Where Hey DAN’s voice-to-CRM combines technology and human intelligence to enhance sales productivity, Fugent focuses on empowering wholesalers to engage and build relationships by leveraging digital growth tools for more effective connections online.

“Fugent is a great addition to the Hey DAN family. For more than a decade, Hey DAN has been helping salespeople with everything that happens after a sales interaction,” said Kate Zeid, Senior Vice President of Hey DAN.

Fugent’s engagement management platform facilitates communication activities for advisors and their clients or prospects. Aside from self-service scheduling features, Fugent also has automation and integration capabilities where advisors can streamline their engagements such as webinars, conference calls, or in-person meetings with clients or prospects – all in one place. Fugent also provides analytics that makes it easier for teams to measure the effectiveness of their sales strategies and retention efforts.

“Fugent delivers huge value in helping salespeople set up meaningful interactions with prospects like meetings, webinars and more,” adds Zeid. “Fugent and Hey DAN will have clients covered from the beginning of the engagement through the last mile.”

This strategic acquisition of Fugent strengthens Hey DAN’s suite of sales enablement services for the modern salesforce: with a combination of strong financial expertise, invaluable flexibility and adaptability of human intelligence, and advanced web-based technology that enables meaningful digital engagements, financial service professionals can be equipped with robust sales productivity and enablement tools that lessen their administrative burden, enhance the sales process, and ultimately allow them to sell more and sell better.

About Fugent
Founded in 2000, Fugent drives more meetings and better conversations for asset managers and their distribution teams. Fugent’s turnkey platform simplifies the meeting experience while creating actionable intelligence for financial professionals. Fugent has a global client base of leading and boutique asset management firms. For more information, visit www.fugent.com, or contact Fugent at 614-869-3358 or info@fugent.com.

About Hey DAN
Hey DAN, formerly Dial-a-Note, was established in 2006 as the first voice-to-CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence, ensuring meeting note entry is fast, accurate, and complete. Hey DAN clientele includes major financial institutions, multinational corporations, and small to medium businesses both domestic and abroad, with a total of over $7.6 trillion in total market capitalization, including a majority of Wall Street firms. Visit www.heydan.ai for more information or email info@heydan.ai.

About Civicom
Founded in 2000 as a conferencing service, Civicom has evolved into a global business and technology solutions provider for a variety of industries. Civicom services include audio and web conferencing, voice-to-CRM, global marketing research facilitation, general transcription services, and overseas satellite workforce operations that serve US companies. For more information about Civicom services, visit www.civi.com.

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