Civil Litigation / Arbitration Attorneys Stuart, Martin County

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STUART, FLORIDA, USA, December 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you have reached the point in a dispute where it seems there is no suitable resolution, it’s time to bring in a third party who can look at the situation objectively and provide legal insight. Our firm excels at providing ways for our clients to resolve their problems through an alternative dispute resolution process. This process takes place outside of the courtroom and enables our clients to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

Civil Litigation Attorneys Stuart, Martin County
Are you involved in commercial litigation?

If you are involved in a dispute or litigation as an owner, investor, vendor, customer, or creditor, it is wise to seek the help of a commercial litigation lawyer who can defend your rights. Commercial litigation issues can be extremely complex and involve confusing laws, but an attorney has the legal expertise to help. A Stuart, Martin County lawyer from Crary Buchanan has the comprehensive legal knowledge to help you achieve a favorable resolution for whatever type of commercial litigation you are facing.

Our firm handles commercial litigation cases in both state and federal courts, in private arbitration and bankruptcy courts as well. Although most attorneys are unwilling to take on appeal cases because of the extensive work they require, our firm will take on all levels of commercial litigation appeals. Our primary objective is to protect your interests and to achieve your legal goals in an efficient manner.

Stuart, Martin County Lawyers for Commercial Litigation and Disputes

Some of the most common types of commercial litigation issues that arise in Stuart include breach of contract issues, lender liability issues, insurance coverage problems, and commercial real estate litigation. During our [ExactYears] years of experience practicing law, we have handled numerous commercial litigation cases on the behalf of corporations and individuals.

The legal team at Crary Buchanan is well-known throughout the community for our active role in helping individuals and businesses. Established in 1927, we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality legal counsel and representation in a cost-efficient manner. We will always seek to resolve your litigation matter through mediation or arbitration and will take your case to court only as a last resort.

Contact a Stuart, Martin County commercial litigation lawyer at Crary Buchanan today for skilled legal help and representation.

Construction Liens Attorneys Stuart, Martin County

As a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, you have a right to place a lien on the property of an owner who has refused or failed to pay you for your services. Construction liens are a collection remedy that ensures that a contractor is properly paid for the work performed and the cost of materials. A talented Stuart, Martin County attorney can help you obtain the payment that you deserve through a construction lien. It takes the careful eye of a legal professional who can properly prepare and record construction liens to make sure they satisfy all of the notice and recording requirements.

The rules regarding construction liens are outlined in Florida’s Construction Lien Law. According to the law, failure to strictly comply with statutory notice and recording requirements could impair your right to secure a construction lien. Our talented legal team will work closely with you to prepare a construction lien that fully satisfies these requirements so that you do not have to worry about your lien being rejected. The civil litigation attorneys at our firm can also defend property owners against construction lien claims.

Contracts Attorneys Stuart, Martin County
Protecting Your Rights

A contract is defined as a promise or set of promises that parties voluntarily enter into with the intention of creating a legal obligation. Contracts are a part of almost every business operation, and it is necessary to have the help of an educated attorney before you enter into a contract to make sure that your business operations, assets, and future profits are fully protected. In order to build a strong contract, the attorney must have an intensive understanding of the law and of the unique facts of your case.

Contract law has evolved into an incredibly complex and intricate part of the modern legal system, and you need the skilled guidance of a Stuart lawyer before you attempt to create a contract. All of the duties, rights, responsibilities, and obligations of each party must be clearly delineated in the contract, and there are numerous types of contracts that must be addressed and handled during the course of everyday business. For help creating a contract, call the distinguished firm of Crary Buchanan for a consultation.

Creditors Rights Attorneys Stuart, Martin County
Legal Protection for Creditors in Stuart, Martin County

The area of the law that defines creditors’ rights does not only deal with the rights of the creditor against the debtor but also with the rights of creditors against one another. Some of the most common issues that arise between creditors occur when multiple creditors claim a right to levy against a particular piece of property or the debtor’s accounts. In this situation, the rules governing creditor’s rights determine which creditor has the strongest right to a particular property or asset.

At Crary Buchanan, our team of litigation attorneys is skilled at protecting the rights of creditors who are seeking legal justice against one another and also against debtors. If you are a creditor who is looking to file a lawsuit to collect consumer debts or commercial debts, a Stuart lawyer at our firm has the legal expertise to help. We also serve business creditors, non-banking lenders, business owners, and a variety of other creditors.

Lender Liability Attorneys Stuart, Martin County
Experienced in Lender Liability Law

Lender liability is an area of the law that first gained prominence in the mid-1980s and has now been accepted as a substantial body of law. Under lender liability law, lenders are required to treat their borrowers fairly and may be subjected to borrower litigation when they fail to do so. There are a variety of legal claims that can be used to take action when lender liability has been breached, and a Stuart, Martin county lawyer from our firm can help you determine which approach is best for your case.

One of the most common types of lender liability cases in Stuart involves a breach of contract and fraud claims. A loan agreement is just like any other contract, and if there was an absence of mutual consent the agreement cannot be enforced. If the contract is breached by the lending party, then the lender can be sued. The legal team at Crary Buchanan is familiar with the numerous breach of contract situations that can happen, and we are able to help you seek damages if you have been the victim of this situation.

Media Law Attorneys Stuart, Martin County
Understanding Media Law

Media law is the area of civil law that covers media communications of all kinds. This widely diverse aspect of the law is split up into three general areas of interest: print media, telecommunications, and digital communications. At Crary Buchanan, we help individuals in the media industry who run into legal issues during the course of doing business. Some of the main problems that we handle on behalf of our clients include topics like defamation, slander, and the right to privacy. These problems can multiply and grow exponentially when other nations and their media laws are involved.

Our dedicated team of media lawyers devotes great lengths of time to researching, consulting, and analyzing media law cases. As a result, we have gained insight into the aspects of media law that are important for handling the various cases and lawsuits that may arise. If you are a reporter or a news writer, we can provide you with pre-publication and pre-broadcast reviews to assess risk and potential liability. We understand the importance of our work and it is our mission to assist you in providing high-quality content.

Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys Stuart, Martin County
Have you fallen behind on mortgage payments?

If you have received a notice that your home is set for foreclosure, the first thing you must do is contact a Stuart attorney at our firm. If you delay, you risk losing your home. Hundreds of thousands of foreclosures are filed every month and yet the majority of homeowners choose to do nothing to save their home. The talented legal team at Crary Buchanan takes proactive legal action to help you defend the foreclosure and prevent costly deficiency judgments. For many of our clients, foreclosure defense is an opportunity to buy time and get back on the right financial track. We are skilled at postponing foreclosures and we work with your timeline and legal goals to determine the appropriate strategy to use.

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